What To Text A Taurus Man After A Breakup

What To Text A Taurus Man After A Breakup? (12 Positive And 10 Negative Ways)

So, you’ve recently gone through a breakup with a Taurus man. Maybe it was amicable, or maybe it was not. Either way, you’re now wondering what to text a Taurus man after a breakup.

If you want to maintain a good relationship with your ex, then it’s important to know what to say (and what not to say) in a text message. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on what to text a Taurus man after your breakup.

Positive Ways To Text A Taurus Man After A Breakup:

Positive Ways To Text A Taurus Man After A Breakup

1. You’re Thinking About Him:

If you want to let your Taurus know that you’re thinking about him after the breakup, then send him a text saying just that. This will show him that you still care, and he may even appreciate the gesture.

2. You Miss Him:

There’s no shame in admitting that you miss your ex. In fact, reaching out and telling him that you miss him can be a really healthy way to begin rebuilding your relationship. Taurus men respond well to honest emotions, so telling him how you feel is sure to score you some points. Just be careful not to overdo it – you don’t want to come across as desperate.


“I know we’re not together anymore and I’m sorry for what I did. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you. I miss hearing your voice and seeing your smile. I miss our conversations and the way you made me feel.”

3. Ask Him If He’s Doing Okay:

A Taurus man values his independence and is usually pretty stoic, so he may not be the best at opening up about how he’s feeling post-breakup. However, it’s still important to check in with him and see how he’s doing. You can do this by simply asking him how he’s doing or if there’s anything he needs.

4. Let Him Know That You’re There For Him:

If your Taurus man is going through a tough time after the breakup, let him know that you’re there for him if he needs to talk. He’ll appreciate your support, and it’ll help him feel better about the situation.

5. Send Him A Funny Meme Or Picture:

A little bit of laughter can go a long way towards healing a broken heart. Send your Taurus man a funny meme or picture to let him know that you’re thinking of him and that you want to brighten his day. He’ll appreciate your sense of humor and your thoughtfulness.

6. Ask Him How His Day Is Going:

This is a great way to show that you are interested in his life and what is going on with him. Plus, it will give you an opportunity to talk to him and potentially get him to open up about what is going on with him.

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7. Sorry For What Happened Between You Two:

No matter what led to the breakup, it’s important that you express your sincere regrets for what happened. This will show your Taurus man that you’re willing to take responsibility for your part in the situation and that you’re willing to move forward.


“I’m sorry for what happened between us. I know it wasn’t what you wanted and I hope we can still be friends.”

8. Wish Him Well In The Future:

If you want to be on good terms with your Taurus ex, let him know that you wish him all the best in the future. This will show him that you’re not bitter about the breakup and that you still care about his wellbeing. This is a positive message that will help to smooth things over between you two.

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9. Send Him A Positive Affirmation:

Sending a positive affirmation can help to lift the spirits of your Taurus man after a breakup. By sending him a message that reaffirms his positive qualities, you can help him to see the bright side of things and look toward the future.


“I’m grateful for what we had together. I know we’ll both be happy in the future.”

“I know this isn’t easy for either of us, but I know we’ll both be better off in the end.”

“I’m glad we’re still friends and I know we’ll always have each other’s backs.”

10. Respect Him:

The biggest thing you can do to make a Taurus man miss you is to show him respect. This sign values stability and security above all else, so he needs to know that you see him as a reliable and dependable partner. Whether it’s through words or actions, make sure he knows that you respect him and his decision-making abilities.

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11. Give Him A Compliment:

A compliment will definitely make a Taurus man smile, especially if it’s about something he’s proud of. If you want to make him feel good, tell him he’s doing a great job or that he looks amazing. He’ll appreciate the kind words and will be sure to return the favor.

12. Thank Him For Being In Your Life:

Thank him for being a part of your life and for all the memories you’ve shared together. Let him know that you’re grateful for what he’s done for you and that you’ll always treasure the time you spent together.


“Thank you for being a part of my life. I’m grateful for everything we shared together, and I wish you all the best in the future.”

Negative Ways To Text A Taurus Man After A Breakup:

Negative Ways To Text A Taurus Man After A Breakup

1. Blaming Him For The Breakup:

It’s important to remember that both partners contribute to the demise of a relationship. Don’t put all the blame on him and send him angry texts accusing him of being the only one responsible. This will only make him defensive and unwilling to listen to what you have to say.

2. Asking Him What He Did Wrong In The Relationship:

This is a very loaded question and one that will likely make him uncomfortable. He may not have an answer for you, or he may not be willing to share what he thinks went wrong. Either way, it’s not an effective way to start a conversation with him after the breakup.

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3. Texting Him Constantly Or Blowing Up His Phone With Calls:

This will only serve to annoy him and make him feel like you’re not giving him the space he needs. If you want to talk to him, send a brief text or email instead of constantly calling or texting him.

4. Telling Him You Never Want To See Him Again:

If you’re angry and hurt, it’s understandable that you might say this in the heat of the moment. But it’s not a constructive way to approach a conversation with him after the breakup. It’s better to take some time to cool down before you try to talk to him.

5. Yelling Or Cursing At Him:

Again, this will only make him defensive and unwilling to listen to what you have to say. If you want to be able to have a constructive conversation with him, it’s important to keep your cool and stay calm.

6. Spreading Rumors About Him Or Badmouthing Him To Others:

Gossiping about him or trying to make him look bad to others will only backfire. If you want to get under his skin, this is not the way to do it. He will see right through you and your motives, and he will be even more turned off by you.

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7. Sending Mixed Signals By Trying To Be Friends With Him:

If you’re not sure what you want, it’s better to stay away from him altogether. Trying to be friends with him after the breakup will only confuse him and make things more difficult for both of you. It’s best to take some time to figure out what you want before you try to talk to him again.

8. Trying To Make Him Jealous By Talking About Other Guys:

This is an immature and childish way to try to get his attention. If you want him to take you seriously, you need to act like an adult. Flirting with other guys or talking about other guys will only make him think you’re not over him and that you’re still hung upon him.

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9. Telling Him That He’ll Never Find Someone As Good As You:

This is a low blow and not an effective way to get under his skin. He may not believe you, or he may think you’re just trying to make yourself feel better. Either way, it’s not going to have the desired effect of making him jealous or getting him to realize what he’s lost.

10. Threatening Him In Any Way:

Threatening him will only make him defensive and unwilling to talk to you. If you want to have a productive conversation with him, it’s important to remain calm and level-headed. Making threats will only make the situation worse and further damage your relationship.


What to text a Taurus man after a breakup will largely depend on what led to the split in the first place. If it was amicable, a simple text letting him know you’re thinking of him and wishing him well should suffice. However, if the breakup was more contentious, it may be best to give him some time and space before reaching out.

When you do eventually contact him, avoid being accusatory or critical, and instead focus on rebuilding the relationship slowly but surely. Whatever you do, remember that a Taurus man values stability and security above all else, so try to create an environment of peace and understanding between the two of you.


You could try telling him how much you appreciate him, or how much you miss him. You could also try flirting with him a bit, or telling him how much fun you had when you were together. Whatever you do, make sure you are genuine and honest with your feelings.

You should start by telling him how you feel, and why you think the breakup was a good idea. Then, you can ask him how he is doing, and if he is open to talking about the breakup. After that, you can begin to talk about your own life, and what you have been up to since the breakup. Finally, you can ask him if he would like to talk about getting back together.

You can make a Taurus man regret breaking up with you by doing something that he wasn’t expecting. Try to be more spontaneous and exciting in your relationship. Do things that will surprise him and make him question his decision to break up with you. Be confident and show him that you’re moving on with your life without him. If you can make him see what he’s missing, he may start to regret his decision to break up with you.


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