What To Text A Guy You Like

What To Text A Guy You Like?

What to text a guy you like? The types of texts that rouse a guy’s interest and get him to be more attracted to you. A guy you like can be scary. You don’t want to come across as desperate or needy or crazy. You want to strike the right chord one where you show interest but not too much interest. Just enough to let him know that you’re interested that he can pursue you if he is interested as well.

Types Of Texts You Should Never Send To A Guy:

1. Don’t Initiate All The Time: 

Men appreciate having the space to pursue you, in fact, that’s what gets him to be more interested in you. So stop getting initiated all the time, it comes down to aggression. Most men are put off by it, and you might be thinking; 

“That’s not fair, why do I have to wait around on him? Why can’t I text?”

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It’s because that’s just the way things are that is just the established order of society. And men know that women know; if a guy likes you, he’ll text you, he’ll find any reason to reach out to you or come up with something. The point is: Don’t always be the first to initiate, give him the space to come to you.

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2. Don’t Be So Chatty: 

Don’t write a novel if he asks you;

“How your day was?”

Don’t answer questions that he hasn’t even asked yet. It’s important to leave something to talk about in person, and hopefully, this relationship isn’t over text. You are hanging out in person, also the fun part about dating is to find out; who is the other person who peels these layers at once?

So don’t just have words vomit everything out and come at him with a paragraph. Let him learn about you slowly; this is what builds interests in intrigue.

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3. Don’t Overanalyze:

Don’t send drafts of your text to your friends before you send them, and don’t even read and reread his text messages and analyze them to see: 

“Does he like me? Does he not like me?” 

And picking them apart is just a waste of time. This will drive you crazy and also create very intense energy to be around. And he’ll pick up on that, and it’s just not attractive and appealing.

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Types Of Texts That Will Make Him Like You:

1. Show Interest In His Interests: 

Men love it when a woman is genuinely interested in what they’re interested in. So tap into what his interests are; this doesn’t mean that you have to like the same things that he likes. But you should show an interest in what it is that he likes, and try to find out why he likes those things. Because this is part of who he is? When you like someone, that’s how you form a connection. You connect to who they are and do the things they like to do.

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Some good ways to find out his interests are to ask the following questions: 

  • What is the one thing you do that makes you feel alive? 
  • What is the one book that you read more times than any other book?
  • If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be? 
  • What is your favorite way to end a long day?

These are a few examples of questions to ask the guy. The point is to ask him about his interests and take an interest in his interests.

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2. A Positive Upbeat Text:

Men love happy positive women. Women bond with their girlfriends over drama-like complaints to each other, and it kind of makes them feel good. So sometimes, maybe, they fall into that with guys as he’ll say;

“How was your day?” 

And that’s how you fall into it:

“Oh my god, my day was so annoying.”

This happened but that’s not how guys like to bond. Honestly, men don’t like being around negative dramatic energy. Men are drawn to positive, happy effortless, easy fun, and energy. So try to bring that when you’re with them in person. When you’re talking to him over texts, share something good that happened, or even if something bad happened, try to put a positive spin on it.

Try to see the good in the world and share that with him, which is intriguing, attractive, and interesting to a guy. Conversely, try to avoid negative complaining, which sometimes needs to vent, but don’t even do that over text. So you can save that for in-person if you’re texting kind of, keep it light and fun. Texting should be a segue into the realness of your relationship. It shouldn’t be your main mode of communication.

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3. A Flirty Text: 

A flirty text or flirting, in general, is when you do or say something that could either be interpreted as interest or you being nice that uncertainty is what makes flirting. It could be effective and ambiguous that it seems like; he’s flirting with you or you flirting with him. 

So the best way to flirt with him is if he flirts back with you then, he most likely is interested in you. And if he is interested in you, he most likely will take things a step further. If you’re the one sending flirty texts, and he’s sending you straightforward cold responses back, it means he’s not interested in you. Maybe he’s an extremely socially awkward guy who doesn’t know how to flirt, but most of the time, it means that he’s not into you.

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Teasing is back and forth. If he’s one-sided then, it means this guy isn’t interested in you. A flirty text doesn’t have to be so thought out. Sometimes, it could be something as simple as a winky face at the end. Another way to send a flirty text is to send them a compliment, but this can be interpreted as you being nice or you’re interested in him.

Another one is to send a teasing text, this is also a great way to flirt, but you have to make sure that you’re not pressing on an open wound. Tease him about something very innocent, not something that he’s very insecure about or a sore spot to him.

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4. Do Not Text Him At All:

If a guy likes you, he will text you because you will find an excuse he’ll find a reason. So don’t text him, it feels annoying, but it’s okay to send out a flirty or friendly text and see what comes back your way.

The point is to give him the space to pursue you because men appreciate having the space to pursue you. And It’s necessary to give him that space for him to come to like you.

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5. Be Okay With The Outcome No Matter What, Have The “Mindset”:

If you want to text a guy that you like, you need to be okay with the rejection, no matter what happens. So mentally in your mind, you shouldn’t have a sense of hope. Because you need to be of the mindset where you think if you hear back from him in a positive way that will be great, but if you don’t, you will be okay. There are plenty of other guys out, this is not the only man in the world. If he doesn’t like you, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It’s not personal rather, it is the winning, appealing and confident attitude.

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Men are extremely drawn to confident women who don’t need them to fulfill their emotional needs. A guy can pick up on it if you need him to respond to you in a certain way to feel okay because men don’t like pressure. A man loves more than a woman who doesn’t care because not caring to be confident. Because confident people don’t put so much weight on how things turn out? Because they know that everything will be fine if things go well: they don’t go well because they are confident that they will be able to handle it.

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