What to do when your boyfriend ignores you

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You

These days, lots of people ask me the question “What to do when your boyfriend ignores you“. To be ignored by someone you admire, love and trust so much are the worst feeling in the world. The emotion of getting ignored doesn’t let you recover easily.

Relationships can sometimes don’t turn out the way you want them to be. They are not always as perfect as in movies. If your boyfriend is ignoring you for a few hours or maybe a day can be the reason that he might be caught/busy in his work or with his issues. Just because he is ignoring you sometimes doesn’t mean he has lost interest in you or he doesn’t love or care about you anymore.

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Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Ignores You?

There can be a lot of reasons for him ignoring you. Some common types of reasons are:

1. He Might Be Annoyed/Crossed About Something:

He Might Be Annoyed or Crossed About Something

Getting ignored by your boyfriend because of the last argument you had. Well, it could be because he doesn’t want to have further arguments and wants to let the last argument or fight vanish itself.

It could also be because of him feeling terrible about the words he said to you. It could also be because of you; you might have said some harsh words or been unfair to him. You could have forced him to speak about something he didn’t want to or might have been avoiding for personal reasons.

Well, arguments are just a part of our life, they lead us to live our ideal life and avoiding the mistakes done earlier. Try to convey your feelings and intentions through communication and even invite him in doing this so.

Avoid putting all the blame on him for the argument. Even if he is ignoring without any apparent reason, try to communicate with him.

2. He Might Be Cheating On You:

He Might Be Cheating On You

Getting ignored by your boyfriend doesn’t mean he is cheating on you. Suddenly, jumping to conclusions will lead to nothing but misunderstandings. Before concluding that he is cheating,  you need to point out his suspicious unusual behaviors, not only one.

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If you think he is hanging among random women while ignoring you then you need to take precautions. Observe him whether he is hanging with other women instead of giving you the time. Even knowing the result, you need to stay calm and handle the situation smartly by finding your place.

In my opinion, don’t waste further time in this stupid relationship where you are not respected.

3. He Might Be Feeling Suffocated Around:

He Might Be Feeling Suffocated Around

This is the most common reason found for a lot of arguments that happen in relationships. It feels like an excuse sometimes but it’s a serious issue.

A lot of times people don’t speak their minds, but they feel like being smothered. We need to respect each other’s personal spaces. Allowing your boyfriend to spend his time instead of clinging to him too much.

Most people could not tell their partner they need space because they are too kind as they think they might hurt their feelings; this leads them to ignore you.

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Allowing personal spaces reduces the other one’s eagerness which helps in declining the percentage for the incident to get much worse.

Sometimes, when boyfriends are using their phones or busy with some work and you try to communicate with them, but they don’t respond. In these types of situations, you think and conclude that he is ignoring you while boyfriends don’t even realize that you are being ignored because of them.

Well, you can just try to ask him to stop what he’s doing and speak to you for a short time which would help you in solving your puzzle of misunderstandings.

4. You Might Be Demanding Too Much From Him:

You Might Be Demanding Too Much From Him

Sometimes, girls who want an ideal perfect couple tend to force their boyfriends to do some things regardless of their wish. You might be asking for a few favors at many times which feels like a burden for him without you realizing it.

Without noticing it, you might be forcing your boyfriend to some petty wishes of yours like having a date every week or it could be giving you small gifts. It might seem nothing to you but at times he might feel suffocated and would try to ignore you.

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While being in a relationship, we feel we are used to each other and we feel that our boyfriends could predict our needs. It cannot be the case every time. Well, at these times you need to express yourself instead of letting your boyfriend guess.

If you think you aren’t adjusting together much occasionally then in my opinion you need to communicate with your boyfriend. The finest way to approach him is calm. While communicating you could tell what both of you feel for each other. Try to be honest about your feelings and your desire for more attention.

5. He Might Be Caught Up In Personal Issues:

He Might Be Caught Up In Personal Issues

Indeed, his life doesn’t revolve around you or only you in his life. He has his own life too where he has his business to do. He might be handling his issues which he feels like not sharing with anyone, even you. This doesn’t mean he is ignoring you because he has stopped loving you.

Some people love resolving their personal decisions by themselves with no-one interfering with them. Of course, it might seem like an excuse for saying nothing, but some people just don’t say anything as they think their words might hurt by asking for their alone time. You might think they are pushing you away while they are only asking for some time which they want to spend with themselves.

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However, if you are asking for too much time from him like spending hours talking on the phone or hanging more. He might feel cramped and soon realize that responding to your back needs a lot of time commitment with you.

I agree it’s not a valid reason for him ignoring you, but it does work sometimes.

6. Don’t Call Or Text Him More Often:

Don't Call Or Text Him More Often

Calling or texting him too much will irritate him and by nature, he would tend to ignore you. Getting ignored by your boyfriend sucks. It’s human nature, when he feels like not talking to anyone, he tends to ignore everyone around him.

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You could try to text him and wait for him to get back to you. You could try meeting him in person where he can give you his full attention. When meeting, you might find that he didn’t know about you calling or texting him. He might have been too busy with his work or his personal issues.

7. He Might Be Thinking About A Breakup:

He Might Be Thinking About A Breakup

It’s true but sad that some people ignore to let the issue resolve itself or run away from it. Many times, in a relationship before breaking up they tend to ignore you. Ignoring you helps them in breaking up easily as a lack of communication between partners leads to weakening their relationship.

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It could be that your boyfriend is avoiding having a conversation with you, so he is just ignoring you. It could also be that he might be thinking about how to face you or he might be not able to bring himself up to you. He might be secretly hoping for you to guess on your own. Whether someone does this or not depends upon their maturity level and how much they appreciate their relationship.

Try to look back to your past; did he have trouble communicating with you or did he used to avoid talking on some topics. A lot of times, when people are considering having a breakup, they begin to stop expressing themselves to back up from the relationship. If he is seriously avoiding or ignoring you just because he’s afraid to tell you.

These types of people in my opinion are just cowards who run away from their responsibilities. My advice is you would be better off single than having someone in your life who is only going to give you trouble in life. It may sound awful, but these types of relationships aren’t worth it.

8. Talking To You Depresses Him:

Talking To You Depresses Him

It might mean nothing as you haven’t noticed it up till now yourself. Maybe you start your conversations by complaining or talking about negative things.

Complaining whenever starting a conversation could annoy any type of person and will make the person naturally start ignoring you.

Try looking back at your past conversations. Do they always start by complaining or gossiping about other people’s lives? This might be annoying to your boyfriend as you are more interested in other’s life more than yours.

It may slowly take your slope of relationship towards the decline. He might start losing interest in you as you are always complaining and eventually give other people more important than you.

Try changing yourself not for the sake of your boyfriend instead of yourself. You could also try communicating with your boyfriend and ask him to help you with changing yourself. He may feel good as you are trusting him and believing in your relationship.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You:

1. Communication:

Couple Communication

According to my personal experiences, I think there is only one solution to all these types of problems or issues is Communication.

I feel that communicating well feels like moving a mountain from one place to another. It’s precisely the same as cleaning your house from dust. It can solve any types of misunderstandings between people.

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What I feel by watching movies or people around that lack of communication between people leads to a lot of different types of misunderstandings in any type of relationship.

Communication in a relationship helps you in expressing yourself with your partner well enough. People say communication helps you in building up a healthy relationship. Trust is one of the ingredients for a healthy relationship which is built by having honest communication among the partners.

2. Giving Space:

Giving Space Him

Sometimes rather than communicating with the person; giving him some space sometimes also erases a lot of misunderstandings in relationships.

A lot of times people like healing alone themselves. They are used to taking their decisions themselves without taking anyone’s advice or letting them interfere. In these situations, giving them space and understanding them better helps in bonding up your relationships.

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They understand how you respect their decision, at some point in life they will allow you to help them with their decisions.

Respecting and giving space makes your partner feel like you care about them while forcing them out of them will lead you to nothing in your life.


Although in our life at many moments we ignore some people because of many reasons but still getting ignored hurts. Without realizing we are doing the same we still get upset about getting ignored by someone so important to us especially by our boyfriend.

If you feel weird about your boyfriend’s behavior or your boyfriend’s actions of ignoring you, try communicating with him so it does not lead to any further misunderstandings. Maybe he is occupied with his work or busy doing his hobbies and ignoring you without realizing it.

He won’t know that you are getting ignored unless you talk to him. Talking with him will let you know how he feels about the relationship or how he thinks about you.

However, this discussion does not need to turn out into any type of argument or fight. You can softly let him know about your feelings or your intentions and listen to him with your open heart about how he feels about their relationship.

This will help you in knowing if he is interested in further continuing the relationship. If he isn’t interested, then I would advise you to leave him and start living single. Maybe he is not a good match for you.

Before finally deciding if he is a good match or not: I advise “Do Try” maybe he is a good match for you, but lack of communication is not letting him become one.

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