What Should I Do IF My Crush Ignores Me

What Should You Do If Your Crush Ignores You | 16 Steps

I don’t know about you, but first of all, I thought that whenever I have a crush on someone they don’t reply to my text and ignores me. So, what should you do if your crush ignores you? “OMG! Now they hate me. It’s been good as long as it lasts.” An ignored text doesn’t mean you’re not in you. There are many reasons why the text can’t reply. Find some cute and enjoyable ways to try to note your writings.

And while it’s not a big deal, in the long run, it feels like your whole world is ending. We can tell you that some responses only cause more pain and embarrassment in the long term.

1. Double Texting:

Double Texting

A text can be easily lost. There is no rule that you can’t send a text saying “Did you get my text from yesterday?” But, you don’t want to play this text with 


“Are you ignoring me?”

“You’re such a jerk.” 

Before sending a follow-up text, always consider that the person’s phone might not be on them and think what your texts will look like if the person receives them all at once. If you are frankly questioning why your writings are not answering? Try some of these fun or entertaining lines to distract them.

2. Let’s Chat Elsewhere:

Let's Chat Elsewhere

It may just be that the person you have a crush on doesn’t like texting. Some people like to talk on the phone or in person. If you haven’t made any effort other than texting, it may be time for us to chat with them in person. 

This is especially true if your crush is a secret crush that no one else knows, and you try to ignore them when you see them anywhere or at work. It confuses people and puts it in places where they don’t want to reply to your text. If you do not choose to speak in person, please try the following: “I think it’s an honor to know each other. 

Please wait a moment. “Is your phone too shy? Let’s face it?”

3. Repeated Ignored Texts:

Repeated Ignored Texts

If you’ve tried to talk to your loved ones and still your texts don’t get a reply, it’s better to have a face-to-face conversation. It can also be that simple, “Hey, I saw you don’t respond to my texts.” This may lead to revealing conversations. If you haven’t talked to your crush yet and your texts aren’t answered, It’s time to stop texting. If you wish to announce the end of your text-making efforts, this can work:

“I think you’re cool. Hit me in the hallway sometimes.”

 “Message me if you are boring.”

 “I got it. If you change your mind, you know where I will meet.”

4. The Power Of Gif And Emoji Expressions:

The Power Of Gif And Emoji Expressions

The text is great, but the pictures may be what you need. Whether it’s a good time for GIFs or emojis, it can provide you with the answers you need. Maybe it’s not a text message, but the phone is sad. You can send a text message to the sad person. 

Funny GIFs are also the best way to make good connections. You can have the entire conversation without having to text each word and the people who love each other. Remember to give full play to your sense of humor.

5. Early Relationship:

Early Relationship

When you create a brand new relationship and your texts don’t respond, It may be a sign that you must have a clear conversation with your new partner to set the boundaries of communication. Of course, the same reasons mentioned above may relate to a new relationship, but if this is a recurring problem despite your stated concerns, you don’t need to accept it easily. 

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Constantly ignoring can be a sign that it’s time for the relationship to end. Fast typing says, “please reply to my text. I need your reply. Not replying means that your partner is deliberately ignoring your text, and that’s a problem, but if you don’t agree to talk, try them:

“Babe, I miss you so much, and I enjoy reading your text.”

“Waiting for enjoyment. That’s all.”

6. Talk About It:

Talk About It

Maybe your partner is scattering. They think they have answered your text message but may have forgotten whether to check their text message completely.

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Texting your partner during the day may not be the best method, especially when they are at work or school all day long. Maybe the words make your partner angry. If any of these conditions are true then, the real dialogue can solve a big problem. You have discussed it, but your text still has no answer, please try: 

“You know that I am waiting for your reply, please text me back.”

“I know you are busy, but I look forward to hearing from you”

“You know my ruthlessness about waiting, please answer.”

“I am waiting patiently for the answer. (smiley emoji)”

7. Unnecessary Text:

Unnecessary Text

If you interact with your partner and find that text annoying them during the day, and you agree not to text until you agree. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary text irritating them.

Even better, don’t send an unnecessary text when you know the text that your partner doesn’t want. At this point, each other’s limitations and clear priorities must respect. If you give up the habit, even if you make a promise, you will not apologize.  

“I’ll try my best next time.” 

“Sorry, sometimes I forget. Forgetting is part of my charm, right?”

8. The Gesture Of Disrespect:

The Gesture Of Disrespect

What about a long-term relationship where your partner suddenly stops responding to your texts? Such sudden changes can indicate major problems – but do not guarantee a problem. It’s worth the conversation. If you choose confrontation by text, here are some options that reach straight to the point.

“I don’t understand why you stopped responding suddenly.”

“Hey!, do we have problems?”

“So, it is like ‘bye Felicia’ moment?”

9. Participating Text May Be Helpful: 

Participating Text May Be Helpful

If you usually send a text that does not need an answer, it is a pleasant surprise if there is no response. I am not sending a statement like “What a hard day today is, but a hard day. and you? ” 

Also, if your partner is usually busy during the day, please don’t send middle text messages and don’t expect your thoughtfulness. Ask your partner what types of text messages they like and like, and save the necessary text messages when necessary.

10. Getting Your Crush To Reply:

Getting Your Crush To Reply

Whether you’re just crushed or in a brand new relationship, finding a neglected text can send you into a panic. Yet, do not assume that you get shot. Give it a second try.  Engage, have fun, and don’t forget the visual. 

11. Avoid The Following Action:

Avoid The Following Action

When you don’t receive a response from your favorite, you can easily enter a state of emergency. Finish all the content you sent and start to convince yourself that you messed up yourself in some way, not only putting pressure on yourself but also turning some pain into a much bigger problem than life. 

If you are angry at their lack of response, it will appear in your next interaction with your crush, which will only make things strange. Instead, just try to stay calm, calm and stay together, and remember that this is not a big problem. I certainly hope that these methods can help you directly or indirectly.

12. Do Your Best:

Do Your Best

Before your loved ones fall in love with you, they will feel your presence first. They say clothes make a man, so looking at your best and dressing is the most straightforward way to get your crush to notice you. Moreover, I’m sure you don’t want to look sloppy in front of the person you love. But by saying this, you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror. 

Just wear your best casual clothes, fix your hair, put on some cologne/perfume, make sure you look fresh. Just do what makes you look your best and you’re ready to focus on it.

All you know, not only will you attract the attention you desire, but you can also make some feedback points with them!

13. Smiley Time:

Smiley Time

Whether you are a boy or a girl, the first thing people noticed about you is your smile and the best way to get someone’s attention is to smile at it. After all, a smile shows our beautiful side and symbolizes goodwill. Then, whenever you see your crush, just smile at them. You might not only draw their attention with that smile, but they might also be smiling, Confirm plus cop will enlighten you emotionally and mentally.

14. Be Friends With Their Friends:

Be Friends With Their Friends

As the saying goes: love me, love my dog. Well, you don’t have to love their dog, literally, but it means that if you love someone, you will also hug their friends. So, if you are too embarrassed to get the attention you want directly, you can do it indirectly. 

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Make friends with their friends so that there is this kind of “bridge” between you and them through mutual friends. Moreover, by becoming friends with her friends, you can more easily attract her attention, and she will want to get to know you better.

15. Ignore Someone’s Psychology: 

Ignore Someone's Psychology

If you think about it, dating involves a lot of psychology. So why not use it for profit? I have read some information about ignoring someone’s psychology before. If you want to get someone’s attention, don’t deliberately pay attention to them. So yes, you can only apply it. Ignore it deliberately instead of paying attention to what you want. 

You will see that people hate being ignored, so when they are ignored, they will pay attention to everyone who ignores them and will try to get their attention. Then, by deliberately ignoring them, your loved ones will naturally want to talk to you more, pay more attention to you, and so on. But don’t do too much, or your loved ones will think you are in too much trouble.

If you think this will not work, then you will be surprised by ignoring someone’s psychology.

16. Show Them That You Are Living A Good Life: 

Show Them That You Are Living A Good Life

Instead of joining them. Why not let them join your ranks? There is nothing more attractive than a person who fully accepts his life. So, let yourself relax and live a good life. More importantly, you need to pay attention to your life. 

Hang out with your friends, choir, or do what you do best. If they see how happy they are, maybe they should join it. Then you go there! You successfully attracted their attention!

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