What Does It Mean When A Man Says He Wants To Make Love To You

What Does It Mean When A Man Says He Wants To Make Love To You

When a man says he wants to make love to you. Obviously, it just feels like he is trying to convince you about sex. 

Commonly, every man is looking for sex. And usually, any girl who is not perfect will eventually be thrown at him, after enjoying the sexual aspect of the relationship.

However, even if the guy has the right intentions like he thinks to live a quality life with you, or it’s 90% wanting to have sex with you, which is not good for you, it is a biological need if he is not an adult, even if he is honest or experienced with you then, he can start something he doesn’t feel. Having sex with you is just his intense desire that can’t control his ego. 

he says i love you but does it really mean it

After all, that’s why you can’t trust a guy’s word in this matter, but more than that, a guy you don’t know and just starting to know and its true character or intent is not known. 

You have to be aware of that.

Reasons He Wants To Make Love To You:

1. Conversation:

There Will Be A Conversation

Loving is more important than the body. Your man will start deep and intimate conversations in bed. He will share personal and secret things about his life. He will also tell you things that he has not told you before.

2. A Romantic Environment:

He Creates A Romantic Environment

He wants to create a romantic atmosphere, but he wants to have sex with you for no reason. He will make sure you are satisfied. Although, he will decorate your bedroom, play romantic songs, and dress what you like.

3. Dirty Jokes:

He Tells Dirty Jokes

Dirty jokes have their place and can be very funny in the right context and the right place. But if this guy is hanging out with you all the time and leaving sexual apathy and disgusting jokes. Then, maybe he has some nasty deeds in his mind.

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Dirty jokes and sexual thoughts come in many forms.

We report, you decide.

4. You Feel Gorgeous:

He Will Make You Feel Gorgeous

Not every woman’s body is fitted; many may be unsafe about being overweight or scarred. They will never care about the man who wants to love you. In fact, he will make you feel like the most pretty woman in the world.

5. Respect Your Limits:

He Will Respect Your Limits

You can be his wife or girlfriend, but if you have some concerns about physical intimacy. He will never force you to cross your boundaries. He won’t even force you to do something you don’t like.

6. Well Dressed:

He Will Be Well Dressed

It’s not just women who can get into trouble. Need proof?

The guy who wants to sleep with you is trying his best to wear the best clothes. Other signs to see:

  • New shiny shoes.
  • Sexy Glasses.
  • Gelled hair.
  • Branded rings, bracelets, or watches.

If his style is changing day by day in front of you. You will then be more than just a random recipient of this attention: You are the target of his fantasies.

7. Eye Contact:

He Will Make Eye Contact

If he makes eye contact during sex then, it can be a sign that he is in you and wants to be with you at that moment. But If your man is avoiding eye contact, this may be because he is embarrassed or not interested in you. Maybe, if your man is stealing eyes from you and cannot maintain direct eye contact; then, he could be shy.

8. Your Happiness, Values Too:

Your Happiness, Values Too

One important difference between making love and having sex is that your man will make sure you are enjoying it too when it is lovemaking, but if he only has sex. He will just enjoy himself instead of considering your pleasure.

9. Talks With His Heart:

He Talks With His Heart

This includes body language, licking your lips, turning your feet, sitting, and standing as close to you as possible. This guy is on a mission to bridge the gap between you. Sometimes, it feels like you’re both the same because it is constantly moving towards you, wherever you are and practically resonating with lust.

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Are you going to be his queen? And tell him to get out of your heart. It’s up to you.

10. Enjoy Each Other:

You To Enjoy Each Other

When two souls meet, not just bodies. Then, both you and your man will enjoy it. This is not something that can be pre-planned and implemented, but it happens naturally that you both share your feelings.

11. Never Force You:

He Will Never Force You

A man who wants to love will know that sex cannot be forced. If he knows you’re not in the mood, he won’t bother or throw insults. Instead, he will understand you and be patient so that you will be warm.

12. Respond To Your Messages Quickly:

He Will Respond To Your Messages Quickly

This is the biggest sign that he wants to make love to you.

It lights up his screen with your name and text, and texts before reading the whole message because he can almost feel his arms and warm kisses around you, and his mind on one thing, which is sex.

If he is flirting and trying to turn the conversation into sexting then, it is more clear that it is more than romance or friendship after sex.

To be honest: If he is texting like a passionate person, he is horny for you. So, now you can read the signal and pick up what they are giving down. Obviously, in many situations, a man wants sex and romance, or he doesn’t even know what he wants.

13. Keep In Touch:

He Keep In Touch

A man who is only for sex does not bother texting or contact you after this act, but if he does, then, he has real feelings for you. If your man is good at expressing, get ready to get soaked in his lovely messages.

14. Interested In You:

He Shows That He Is Interested In You

A man who loves you will make sure he is in your mind at all times. Before the actual process, he can go to you for dinner or to buy your favorite clothes. He can even surprise you with a box of flowers and your favorite chocolate.

15. Touch You Whenever It Possible:

He Touches You Whenever Possible

This can be weird if you’re not into this guy, but if you are, it can give you an enjoyable love. He lets his touch last long: On your waist, neck, shoulder, hand. And it feels good.

This guy can be loving and touching friends, but if any such sample is found of him, hugging, and touching you then, he is thinking of laying the foundation for touching and rubbing other places.

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Sometimes he wants sex, but he is also ashamed and will not touch it yet. So, if you are very instinctive, you can tell that he wants to touch. After all, intimate touches are garden doors, so look no further.

16. Look Happy:

He Will Look Happy

When a man loves you, he looks happy and content. He will not turn the other way, nor will it be lost. Instead of light conversations or make a cup of tea for his favorite woman.

17. Breakfast For You:

He Will Make Breakfast For You

This may not be the case with men, but it does apply to some. If you wake up in the morning after spending the night together, and you see breakfast ready. Then, your man is trying to impress you because he cares about you.

18. Looking At You:

He Is Looking At You

I know it’s not always a very comfortable or cool thing for all women, but it is one of the most important signs that he wants to love you.

You could be a coworker, an old friend, an ex-girlfriend, or a couple, but if he is treating you like an eyewitness, he wants to pop into his mouth. Then, love is not far from his mind.

You have been warned. When he sees you, he will do things like this:

  • Licking his lips at your booty and pressing your boobs.
  • His eyes are fixed on your legs.
  • Checking out your cleavage.

19. Hygienic:

He Tries To Be Hygienic

A man who wants to love knows how far it can go due to smelly armpits and smell. So, if he tries to pick a fresh scent, it is a sign that he is paying attention to your likes and dislikes.

20. Kiss You A Lot:

He Will Kiss You A Lot

A kiss is worth a thousand words. If your man is bothering you by kissing during work then, it means that he loves you very much and wants to make you valuable. The way he kisses you calms him down and makes you feel the intensity of his love and he enjoys being with you.

21. Doze Off:

He Will Not Doze Off

As soon as the action took place, many men would turn the other way and doze off. But if your man pulls you close to hug you or kiss you on the forehead to make you fall in love then, it is a sign that he is more interested in your body.

22. Stay Over:

He Will Stay Over

This applies to couples who do not live together. A man involved in sex may not be interested in staying up for the night; he meets his needs, he may prefer to leave. If your man chooses to stay and your apartment is also open to keeping some spare clothes. Then, he has feelings for you and wants to love you.

23. Calm Your Worries:

He Will Calm Your Worries

Some women may be afraid of sex and can’t cooperate. A man who wants to love does not get angry and upset, but he will give you space to talk and try to reduce your fears.

24. Possibility Of Sex, Closes:

If You Close The Possibility Of Sex, It Closes

It can be a mess, this guy who wants to nasty with you often stops when sex is out of the question. Whether it’s through text, conversation, or any other symbol when he’s realized that you’re not making him happy for a sweetheart, he shuts off like a light switch. 

You may be losing your conversation with this guy, but as soon as you step back from the physical side or make it clear that you are not “that kind of girl” Then, he revealed himself to be such a man.

25. Experiment:

He Would Like To Experiment

If your man wants to try an experiment in bed. Then, he is not there to meet his physical needs but wants to go beyond that. It’s a sign that he enjoys you and wants more from you.

26. You, Will, Know It:

You Will Know It

Another strong sign would be that whenever he has sex with you, your heart, mind, body, and soul tell you how much he loves you. And it’s never wrong.

27. About Your Deep Life:

He Asks You About Your Deep Life

Maybe this guy is determining for a new study about sex and intimacy for university, but more than that, chances are he’s asking you about boys and sex because he wants to be next. If he suffers the slightest disgrace, perhaps he did not mean it. He is just looking for signs that you can join him and wants to love you when these clear signs come. 


He is asking about the guys you have come with and are pursuing his destiny; Although, he will push you and daring you to make a disgusted face…, and walk away, or be embarrassed and see where this series of questions go.


Love manifests itself in different ways. Sex is a way to lead emotions like love, passion, and express one’s desire, but other things have to feel right and be right, and these are not big things, these are just a few ways for this person to care for you. Although you need a bowel movement about it, that is why it is difficult for women to understand.

Women have this ability, but they often hesitate themselves and try to hopefully fill their heads with all this nonsense or their love and desire to understand this happiness that they ignore all the reasonable things in their heads and look for whimsical hopes.

But truth be told, if both men and women were careful about “love” Then, most conversations, assuming they are in search of love, may never have started with that.

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