11 Things Men Want But Don't Ask For

11 Things Men Want But Don’t Ask For

Things men want but don’t ask for it. One of the key differences between men and women is that women are usually much more aware of what it is they want and need in a relationship, and they’re able to express it. Most men don’t ask for what it is they need because a lot of the time, they don’t even know what it is. They often feel afraid to express that to you, or maybe they don’t know. But when you can give him what it is that he needs, even though he might not know what he needs. It feels amazing, loved, and appreciated to him, and he comes to love you even more.

1. Appreciation: 

Men are stars for appreciation, without appreciation a man looks like; a plant without water. He’s wither away and dies not figuratively, but he will not want to be in that relationship. So it is important to appreciate who he is and what he does?

Put on those appreciation goggles, and try to see the good. You can come up with plenty of bad, but the best way to get more good out of him is to appreciate the good that he’s already doing, so focus on that.

2. Pursue Your Passion: 

There is nothing sexier than a passionate person. People who have a passion and are pursuing that feel alive and so connected to their essence. They are cheerful, confident, generous, and compassionate people. Those are the people who are their best selves. It is important for you to have passions and to keep pursuing them.

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3. Have A Life Outside Of The Relationship: 

This is a major turn-on for guys because he wants you to say no to plans with him on occasion. It turns him on and makes him like you, even more, when he asks you out. So do not abandon your entire life in favor of the relationship. Keep everything that you had going on before you got into the relationship; maintain that.

4. Tell Him What You Want In A Way That Makes Him Feel Good: 

A lot of women don’t realize about men, but men are very driven to make you happy. He wants you to be happy with the man in the relationship. He needs a woman he’s happy with, but he doesn’t always know how to keep you happy.

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So you need to tell him, but the key is that you can’t tell him in any way angry or blameworthy, which makes him feel like a loser. If you want to make him feel good, include touch. You want to tell him to encourage him to do that thing that you like. So you might stroke his arm or give them nice kisses on the neck whatever it is, do that, and then, say; 

“I love it so much when you text me during the day, it puts a smile on my face, and it makes me so happy.”

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5. Your Support: 

There is no more amazing feeling to a man than that feeling of having a woman who is in his corner. A woman who supports him and believes in him, and sees him for the man that he is not just the mask that he wears out in the world.

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Women realize how much power they have in a relationship. Because your support and you feeling proud of your man is everything to him, and you hold all that power. You’re the one who can dish that out, and that is the most amazing feeling to a man. And it’s not something he’s going to come right out and ask for.

6. Respect: 

This doesn’t mean that you cater to his every whim and bow down to him. It means that you respect his opinions, and you respect the way he conducts himself or as a person or his wants and needs. A way to show respect is also to ask him for his opinion, advice and also trust him in the things that he decides.

Don’t poke holes in his decisions. Try to make his decisions for him or tell him what to do? You can encourage him, but you can’t tell him what to do because he shows like a worthless loser who’s incapable of managing his own life.

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7. Need Him: 

This is not the same as neediness. Needing a man means that you rely on him, you need him in your life, he enhances your life in some significant way. Men don’t want to feel obsolete. He wants to feel necessary, adding value to your life, irreplaceable to you. And a way to feel that way is for you to need and rely on him.

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You may need advice and opinions from him. You ask him to do things for you, even if it’s something that maybe you could figure out on your own. Men love showing you how to do things for you, so give him that chance.

8. Give Him Space If He Needs It: 

Basically, men and women are different in how they can handle stress and difficulties. Most women seek out those who are closest to them, and they want to talk about it, and that’s comforting to them. Most men prefer to retreat and deal with it on their own, and there are going to be times in a relationship where he just needs space.

When you’re able to gracefully, give him that space and let him do what it is, he needs to do. He will be commendable because the men realized that this was not an easy task for most women. It’s also important not to take it personally when he’s taking space. You recognize that’s not about you or him or the relationship. You’re two individuals in this relationship with two separate needs, and sometimes he needs to address those needs separately on his own.

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9. Your Friendship: 

Often in relationships, people turn into bows rather than friends. The best relationships are ones that are built on a solid foundation of friendship. Don’t look at him as your enemy, even though sometimes it can feel like you never do this. If you have issues in your relationship, both of you are against the issue, not both of you against each other. It’s also important to have fun together, enjoy each other like buddies.

10. Love Him In The Way He Wants To Be Loved: 

Gift-giving quality time words of affirmation or physical touch and pretty much like we all have one love language may have a secondary love language. His love language is acts of service. It makes you feel loved when you like to do things for him or cook dinner for him, but your love language is words of affirmation.

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So you might show him love by complimenting him a lot and while this will feel good to him. Because we like complimenting, it’s basically like a secondary love language for everybody. It doesn’t reach him like when you do things for him, so you know how to figure out someone’s love language? Either, you can take a quiz online together, or you could try different things and see what has the biggest impact on him. This is very powerful; it can completely change the dynamic of your relationship once you start speaking his love language, so to say.

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11. Love His Friends And Family: 

Maybe his mom is supercritical and his friends are very fratty and annoying. But those are the people in his life, and they’re not going anywhere if you don’t want to go anywhere. You want to stay in his life, and you need to learn how to accept them. Men are very averse to drama and negativity when you’re coming down on them. You do have issues with the people in his life. 

Try to see the good and hone in on that, and there is a way to express it to him. Some of the things that bother you about the people in his life, but he does want you to get along with them. Because he’s stuck with them, no matter what, and if he’s with you then, he doesn’t want that added stress that will come from you, hating all those people. So he wants you to find a way to like them, and if you don’t like them find a way to get along with them or coexist.

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