Texts To Make Him Obsessed With You

7 Texts To Make Him Obsessed With You

Texts to make him obsessed with you. We will share some examples of texts to send your guy to make him think about you all day long. And to ensure that he becomes completely obsessed with you.

Unfortunately, a lot can get lost in translation. And you may come across in a way that just isn’t true at all to who you are texting? It doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people because It’s a struggle. You might sound a little awkward or desperate when that’s just not who you are. Also, men and women are different. A lot of the time, a woman doesn’t realize what sorts of texts will get a reaction out of a guy that makes him think about her more.

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Examples Of Bad Texts:

Bad Texts

Don’t Send Boring Text:

Anything along the lines of “Hey,  What’s up?” This is just boring and generic. He will probably reply with something equally boring and generic like; “Not much, you?” There are just way more interesting and creative ways to start a conversation with him that will win his heart.

Avoid Giving Mundane Details Of Your Life:

A lot of the time, women will complain that men don’t respond to text. But she texts in things that don’t necessarily elicit a response like;

“Hey, I just sat down to watch a movie.”

What is he supposed to say to that;

“Okay! cool.”

A bit much better text like;

“I’m in the mood for a good movie, what do you recommend in this case?”

He might even suggest that he come over and watch the movie with you. One thing you need to realize about men is that they are goal-oriented. Men don’t like to talk just for the sake of talking, they like to talk for the sake of a purpose. Either to make a recommendation or make a plan or get towards something, not just go around in circles.

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Don’t Text Him To Complain:

Men hate this look. Sometimes, annoying things happen to us throughout the day, and on occasion that’s fine. But try to avoid dumping all of your emotional baggage onto him throughout the day. Men hate this especially if it’s during the day because he’s already stressed and dealing with a lot. He just doesn’t want to deal with this on top of that. Men like to feel a narrow range of emotions somewhere between feeling happy and content. Anything that falls outside of that he’s just not gonna want to deal with.

Watch The Emojis: 

Too many lols make you sound like an insane person. Also, it feels like a sign of insecurity because you use the lol to make it sound like you’re making a joke when you’re just afraid of rejection something like;

“I wish! I was with you right now, lol!”

What does that even mean? It means that you’re scared of being rejected. So you like to make something into a joke, and that’s why you use the lol. You don’t need to dissect the lol to hear. The point is, too many, too much, and just cool it with the lols and emojis. Too many emojis just make you sound like a 12-year-old girl. Just keep it to a limit and also make sure that didn’t do you dirty because of how quickly something innocent can turn into something, not so innocent.

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So just proofread your work. You don’t want to end up on one of those sites about something like that; it is not so much about what you say. It is the intention behind what you say if you are coming from a needy insecure mindset. He will pick up on it, and he won’t want to feed it to that energy.

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Examples Of Good Texts:

Good Texts

Funny Text:

This is an obvious one men love a woman with a good sense of humor. So anything you can send funny will make him laugh is a good thing. Send him a funny meme, joke, article, which means there’s plenty out there. Anything that you can bond over and laugh about is a good thing.

Feel Boring Text:

A lot of women are afraid of showing interest, which is not a bad thing, rather being desperate is a bad thing. If a guy likes you, and he’s interested in you then, you have to show interest in him. It’s good to be perceived as a good thing. You being needy, desperate, and needing him to respond to you within 30 seconds of texting you. That’s a bad thing in terms of alluring texts saying something like what are you doing right now is a boring text. Saying something like;

“What would you be doing right now if I was with you?”

text him this to make him love you

You don’t even go too far, honestly, less is more, and you don’t need to be too graphic. Just something that will sprinkle some thoughts in his mind of you and him together. It’s all you need to get him thinking about you. This is important because if there is a guy who has just started dating, and you are hoping to take him somewhere. It will get him thinking about you, which is always a good thing. And if this is a guy that you want to be dating then, it will give him that green light to pursue you because terrified of rejection.

Some men need more than others and need a strong flashing green light signal. Again, don’t go too far with this something subtle, a little bit of encouragement. Letting him know he won’t be rejected if he asks you out or takes things further that it’s all you need.

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The Positive Upbeat Text: 

Men love a happy and confident woman. If something good or bad happened to you, but you had a positive effect on it, share it with him. Men love positivity because they are pretty simple. If it feels good to be around you, he’ll want to be around you. If it feels good to text with you, he’ll wanna text with you.

The Flirty Text:

If this is a guy that you aren’t dating yet. Sometimes, men need a little encouragement. So flirting with him is a great way to let him know that he won’t be rejected if he approaches you. If this is a guy you are dating then, send a flirty text. It is so important in a relationship, you should always flirt with each other. It keeps things fresh, fun, and interesting. A great way to flirt is with a compliment something like;

“I saw the picture you just uploaded, Wow! looking good.” that’s all you need to do. Just say something subtle and alluring.

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The Interesting Question Text:

This text wire will make him smile or think that is what will make you stand out from the rest. So an interesting question that you could send them via text is something like;

“What will you do tomorrow if you woke up?”

This technique works because it puts him in a place where he needs to impress you, or you’re sending him something a little intriguing, and he needs to think. He wants to deliver a good answer. Anything that you could do that causes him to put in effort towards impressing you is a good thing because that will cause him to invest in you even more.

Another interesting thing you can do is have a conversation. Just talking in emojis that’s something fun to do. Don’t use too many emojis before, but in this case, it’s okay because it’s clever, anything that gets him to think and try to impress you. Also, a rule of thumb when it comes to getting a guy to be interested in you is to just be interesting. So be creative, don’t be generic, or mold yourself into what you think that he wants you to come up with creative things to ask and to do.

The Compliment Text: 

Men love compliments, and they receive far fewer compliments than women. When a woman posts a photo or selfie on her Instagram she gets flooded with fire emojis, compliments, and cheers from her girlfriends, but guys don’t get this. He also loves compliments.

So send him some cute, flirty, fun about it like:

“I love your smile and eyes.”

They kind of have a little bit of an edge, fun, and playfulness to them. So, you need to be true to who you are because it’s about letting your authentic self shine.

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The Appreciation Text:

Men are starved for appreciation, and they need appreciation more than anything else in a relationship. Without appreciation, he will not want to be in the relationship. It doesn’t matter if he is dating the hottest supermodel in the entire world. If you don’t appreciate him, he will not want to be in a relationship with you. It is so important to show appreciation for what he does and for who he is. And this applies to any stage of your relationship. Whether you want to be dating or engaged or married.

You should always show appreciation to your partner. It can be simple as something like;

“I really admire the man you are, you inspire me every day, or thank you for taking me to that amazing restaurant last night that was the best meal I’ve had in a long time.”

These things really reach them, and they really light him up and encourage him to want to do more things for you to get more of that appreciation. This is what drives a man.

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