6 Texts To Make A Man Fall In Love

6 Texts To Make A Man Fall In Love

Bunch of texts that should be sent to make a man fall in love. Why these types of texts are so effective, is not only going to help you develop a deeper connection with him which is going to make him want you even more. Rather, it will give you a better understanding of male psychology. And it will just give you better conversational tools in general so that: “You can tap into the essence of who someone is and that’s how we build relationships and connections.”

I’m assuming that because you want a better understanding of “How to attract a man and form a deep connection?” You want to know “How to not only get him to desire you but how to get him to commit to you?” If that’s what you want.

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Types Of Texts You Should Avoid To Make A Man Fall In Love:

Types Of Texts You Should Avoid To Make A Man Fall In Love

1. Don’t Always Be The First To Initiate: 

Men are biologically hardwired to be the hunters, so give them the space to hunt and pursue. This doesn’t mean that you can never text him first, but you should not be the one always texting him first. And if you are, it’s a big sign that he’s just not that into you to give him the space to pursue you because when you do, he comes to invest in you even more.

2. Don’t Respond Right Away: 

Set a timer on your phone for three hours from now and then when the alarm goes off that’s when you text him back. You don’t have to wait to hear from a guy sitting around.

Fill your time with other things, so that you don’t notice how much time passes between his texts and how quickly he responds to you. It is foolish for you to wait anxiously for him to send you back the text and then texting back right away. It’s really important to just have a lot going on in your life. So you’re not just putting everything into this one guy that how he feels about you.

3. Don’t Obsess Over His Texts / Your Texts:

Obsessing does not serve you when he’s obsessing over anything, ever taking you in a positive direction when has any good ever come of it. So don’t spend hours analyzing what he texted you and what you should text back? This is a waste of time, and this will also just create a very insecure needy vibe that is just not attractive to be around. And this is when you might start to notice that he loses interest in you, so just keep the obsessing and stressing in check.

4. To Be Authentic: 

If you’re trying to play a part in order to get him to feel a certain way about you then, you’re going about this all wrong. You should not be saying certain things to get him to think that you’re a certain type of girl. 

Try to mold yourself into the type of girl that you think that he wants because eventually, your real self is going to shine through, and then what you know. You can’t keep up the ruse forever also this is just a big sign of insecurity. This is also just very desperate behavior, so rather than trying to mold yourself into what you think he wants. You should ask yourself why you feel that your true self isn’t good enough.

5. Don’t Be So Emotionally Heavy:

You should not have a deeply emotional conversation over the text in person. If you have to have those types of conversations at all, texting should just be light-hearted and fun. It should be a means to build up anticipation for when you guys can see each other again texting is just not the place to have the what are we conversation or where is this going or have a fight. 

If you’re upset with him about something, do not confront him about it over text because it just never ends well. Too much gets lost in translation, just a bad idea.

Types Of Texts To Send Him To Make Him Fall In Love:

Types Of Texts To Send Him To Make Him Fall In Love

1. A Woman Of High-Value Text: 

Don’t misinterpret this to send him a text saying: “Hey! You know I’m a woman of high value” That’s a cheap talk you shouldn’t do. So don’t show him that you are a woman of high value in your texting conversations with him. But one common theme is that being a woman of high value entails having boundaries. This is the most important element of having high self-esteem, high self-worth, and being a woman of high value having boundaries, means you have a solid sense of what you will and will not accept.

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You don’t fold to please a man or get him to want you, it’s very easy to fall into a predominantly texting type of relationship where you text the majority of the time, you never really talk on the phone, you see each other on occasion here and there, and that’s about it that’s all you have. And you feel like you’re in a relationship because you are in contact with him all the time, but you don’t know where you stand, and you don’t have that much beyond texting. 

If you want a real relationship then, you can’t allow that pattern of behavior to continue. Either, this guy will step up and take you out on actual dates and see you face to face, or you will walk away because you don’t need to be some guy to be texting with all day. You need to have some boundaries when it comes to texting, this shows him that you have standards.

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2. It Is Easy To Get Swept Up In The Artifice:

You can easily fall in love with a person or an idea of someone. This is just all too common the majority of the time we fall in love with the idea rather than the actual person when you tap into who a man is at his core when you break through his walls and connect with who he truly is that’s what makes you stand out from the rest. This is the real secret to seduction and getting a man to commit and fall in love. 

People have it all wrong seducing a man is not about getting him to want to sleep with you because the fact is that’s not a hard thing to do. It’s very easy to get a man to want to sleep with you. Seducing a man is about tapping into his essence and drawing that person out when you do that. He becomes addicted to you because you are the woman who sees what no one else sees. And not just only that you appreciate him and come to care about him even more after having seen the real him. It means that you’re able to speak to the man behind the mask.

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3. Appreciate In-Text Style:

This ties into seeing his appreciation aren’t just about recognizing what he does. Although that is important, it’s about seeing who is appreciating him for it. Men are starved for appreciation and appreciation is like oxygen to a man. If he doesn’t get it, he will just wither and die, which means the relationship will wither and die. 

A man will never commit to a woman who does not truly appreciate him. And if he does end up committing to her then, he will just end up completely miserable in the relationship because men cannot be in a relationship, if they don’t feel that sense of appreciation. Women need this too, but most women need to feel adored and cherished more than they need to feel this sense of appreciation.

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So in terms of texting, don’t send him general things that aren’t unique to him, if you’re sending him as a compliment or something over text. Don’t send him something like “You’re so handsome” because that could apply to millions of other guys. You have to pick something special and unique to him. Instead, you could say something like:

“I admire how you listen when you ask someone a question, and you hear what they have to say without jumping in and waiting for your turn to talk. Not many people do that.”

Don’t do anything to just make him fall in love with you. It’s not about doing things in order to get him to fall in love, rather it’s doing things to build a connection. What makes a man fall in love with you? It’s just showing appreciation is the only way to truly capture a man’s heart and get him to fall in love with you.

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4. The “Feel Good” Text:

What feels good to be around you? Who wants to be around you when it feels good to text with you? He wants to send you a text when it doesn’t feel good to text you when it feels like a chore or something he has to do.

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If you want him to text you and to enjoy texting with you and want him to come to like you, even more through your texting exchanges then, you have to make them fun pleasant light, and enjoyable that’s the key to sending him a text to let him know you’re thinking about him or he makes you happy or you just can’t wait to see him.


  • No one makes me happy the way you do. 
  • I feel love when I’m with you. 
  • I can’t stop laughing about that story you told me. 
  • You are so hilarious. 
  • I adore you.

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5. The “Mystery” Text: 

What that means is if he texts you something like: “Hey! How’s your day going.” You don’t need to give him an itemized list of every single thing you did that day, and every single thing you ate, and every person you talked to, and everything you did let him fill in the blanks a little bit leaves a little bit of mystery to leave a little room for something to talk about in person. 

If you’re in the very early phases of a relationship then, you are just dating. You’re not official yet, that’s what it’s really important to just leave some blank space because the fastest way to get a guy to commit is when he fears.

He can lose you to another guy and if he realizes that you are a woman who has power, life, and much more. And he doesn’t always realize where you’re standing, or what you’re doing, or if you’re meeting other guys who are getting him ready to step up, in the absence of a man or a woman. Fall in love with its presence.

It’s really when he’s thinking about you that he comes to care about you, even more. So, that’s why it’s important to just leave a little bit of a mystery which is just letting him fill in the blanks a little bit.

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6. The “Happy Memory” Text: 

You can also call this “You make me the happy text” because another important thing to understand about men is that a man needs to feel like he can make the woman. He is happy, if he does not feel that he can do it, he will not want to be with her. 

Men are very driven and very motivated to make a woman happy. Sometimes, they fail miserably, and they’re like how can he have no understanding at all of what it is. Indeed, that doesn’t mean that the baser instinct for a man to make wants to make his woman happy. 

So tell him how to make you happy, and he’ll appreciate having that direction when you send him a happy memory text. It shows him that you’re happy with him that you enjoy him. You’re happy about the relationship and this is what’s gonna get him to drop his guard a little more and feel even more bonded and connected with you. 

text him this to make him love you

You can send him pictures of fun times that you guys have had together or just memories just you know. You could say something like:

“Oh! You know I drove by that restaurant where we had our first date, and it just really made me smile anything of the sort.”

This one is going to give you free rein, and just think about the happy memories you’ve had with him and text him about those memories. Give him something to smile about and to brighten up his day. This will inspire him to do even more for you because then, he’s going to realize that you are someone who truly appreciates him. And he wants more of that feeling of being the guy to make you happy.

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Some Good Deep Questions That Will Open Him Up:

Some Good Deep Questions That Will Open Him Up

  • What was the happiest period in your life? 
  • What is the best compliment you’ve ever received? 
  • What is your proudest accomplishment?
  • What makes you feel truly alive?
  • What is one lesson you wish you had learned sooner?

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