5 Texts To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

5 Texts To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Types of texts to make a man fall in love with you. What to text a man to build a deep and loving connection? Texting can be a launchpad for a new relationship. It can also cause a relationship to fall flat before it even gets off the ground. Love develops when you feel seen and accepted for who you truly are. And you can definitely use texting to enhance these feelings and your connection.

Types Of Texts Don’t Send Him:

1. Don’t Always Be The First To Initiate Texting Conversations:

Men are hunters, let them hunt because men appreciate having space to pursue you, so give it to him.

2. Don’t Respond Right Away: 

If you always respond immediately, he thinks you don’t have a life, and it’s not attractive.

3. Don’t Obsess Over: 

Don’t obsess over what he texts you or what you text him.

4. Be Authentic:

If you are trying to contribute something or be what you think he wants. It is not authentic and real, you are not qualified to establish a real relationship like this. 

5. Let Him Wanting More:

It is easy to get so wrapped up in texting all day long. Especially, if this is the beginning of the relationship, and you’re totally obsessed with each other, but you need to leave him to build that connection in person. It’s also important to leave him wanting more and craving you. This is what’s causing him to become completely obsessed with you.

Types Of Texts To Send Him To Make Him Fall In Love:

1. I Have Boundaries Texts: 

Set up boundaries will weed out guys who aren’t serious and are interested in texting and seeing you when it’s convenient for him. And the relationship kind of ends up being nothing, but you’re kind of in this relationship. No-man’s land if you want to build a deep loving connection. You have also those deep moments in person, and it can’t be over text. A good way to establish boundaries would be something like; if he asks you a question, you can say; 

“I have a great story about that, but it’s much better told in person.”

Or maybe you and he are texting and then, say to him;

“Look! I can’t talk right now, but why don’t you give me a call around 9 o’clock?”

This is a great move because it shows him that you are busy, you have a lot going on in your life, you will not abandon your entire life for him. It shows that he needs to step up, if he wants to earn a spot in your life, you’re not giving him a spot and not handing it to him. It also shows that you’re a woman with boundaries, and that is sexy.

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So set your texting boundaries, don’t let him call all the shots, and fall into texting.  The only type of relationship men falls in love with women who respect themselves and are high-value women. The best way to show that you respect yourself is to have some boundaries.

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2. I See You Text:

You are not creepily sending him attacks saying, “I see you” while staring at him through his window. You’re doing here is seeing the real him, you wear masks in the world, you present a depiction of how you like the world to see, which isn’t always authentic to who you truly are? Building a loving connection is about seeing the essence of a person in psychology, called the shadow self.

The shadow self contains all the parts of your personality that you don’t necessarily want to admit to having. The fact that he was able to see that so clearly, and you didn’t even realize that about yourself, that’s what draws you to another person. This connection is real, there’s something worth hanging on to.

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3. The Appreciation Texts: 

Men are starved for appreciation. A man will not get into a relationship with a woman who does not genuinely appreciate him. The main reason men leave relationships is that they don’t feel appreciated by their partners. So it’s so important to appreciate the things he does and who he is and text him those things that you appreciate about him. Because this will make his day and light him up.

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Sending him something like “you’re so handsome” is nice that feels good but you could send that to millions of other men that apply to so many other people. You need to appreciate him for what makes him unique.

So you could text him something like;

  • I love the way you listen when someone tells a story. 
  • I admire the man you are. 
  • You inspire me. 
  • You have such a great laugh it’s so infectious to you. 
  • Anyone who’s around you is in a better mood after hearing your laugh. 
  • I love how kind you are to everyone you meet.

It shows that you care about what they have to say and not many people do that, which is unique to him. 

It’s important to set a foundation of positivity and appreciation in your relationship when you can do this, that’s what gets a man’s fall in love with you. But it has to be genuine, don’t do this to make him fall in love with you, and don’t think of compliments to send him. Because to truly appreciate that person, you need to find yourself, and if you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be that person.

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4. Thinking About You Text:

Men move towards what feels good. If it feels good to text with you, he will feel better around you. If you make him feel good, he becomes addicted to you.

So let him know that you’re thinking about him, this is a good thing. It’s good to show interest as long as he’s also showing interest back. If you’re showing interest in him, and he’s not showing interest in you, that’s when showing interest becomes a bad thing. Because then, you lose your dignity, and it ravages your self-esteem.

So send him something like; 

  • Oh! this day is going on forever. 
  • I can’t wait to see you because you make me so happy.
  • I drove by the park where we had that amazing picnic, can’t wait to do it again. 

That’s it, let him know that you’re thinking about him and when you think about him, it makes you happy.

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5. I Love Us Text:

Don’t send him “I love us” because it makes a strong impact on the time that you spend together. If you have great memories, so you can text him about a memory be detailed and specific, or send him a picture of a happy memory that you and he share. It reflects on that time or sends him an inside joke or reminds him of the story of something that happened.

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It’s important to keep the good memories at the forefront of your mind because something bad happens in the relationship. That’s what stays with you, the good things happen in good times, and bad things happen in bad times. It’s important to always remember why you fell in love with that person? To begin with, especially as time goes on in your relationship it becomes easier to value each other. 

So text him about those happy moments because that makes him want to share even more happy moments with you. And it’ll inspire him to do more for you because he’ll realize that you’re a woman who genuinely appreciates what he has to offer. After all, men are starved for appreciation.

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