Surprising Signs He Likes You

8 Surprising Signs Shows He Likes You Or He’s Into You

Surprising signs he likes you. How to know where a man stands and how many feels about you? I know how frustrating this scenario can be: you like a guy, and it seems like he likes you, but you’re not totally sure, you don’t know if he’s as into it as you are. 

You analyze the text you replay, your interactions with him over and over in your mind, and you’re constantly obsessing to try to figure out where he’s headed. You cling tightly to every compliment and every kiss using that as proof that he does feel the same way about you, and you kind of ignore some of the red flags and signs that maybe he doesn’t like you as much as you like him.

It’s hard to see the situation clearly, especially when you’re so invested in it and when your emotions are involved, and sometimes you look at it through a lens of wishful thinking and a little bit of delusion, and you have no idea; what’s going on?.

1. He Listens To What You Say And He Remembers The Details: 

He takes an interest in who you are, and he wants to know all about you because when we like someone, we want to know all about them. If a guy asks you a lot of questions about you, your life, and shows a genuine interest, and finding out about you then, he likes you.

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You’ll get further confirmation, if he remembers the details, our brains filter so much information throughout the day. And we hold on to the things that are of significance, this is why you can’t remember what you had for breakfast last Wednesday, but you can remember exactly what you were wearing last night. 

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2. He Is There For You Even When It’s Inconvenient: 

A sign that a guy doesn’t like you is that he doesn’t have time for you unless it’s to get his needs met then, suddenly he has time for you. When he’s available, bored, and wants you to come over and hook up then, he has time for you; the rest of the time, no time for you too busy. 

Conversely, When a guy does like you, he’s there for you even if he has a lot going on, he makes time for you. We make time for what’s important; it doesn’t matter if he has back-to-back meetings all day, he will find 15 minutes to sneakily meet you for coffee. So you can see, he can touch you, and he can have that share like a connection with you, even if it’s for only 15 minutes, he will make the time.

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3. He Loves Spending Time With You: 

Actual quality time, not time between the sheets: he actually likes to go out and do things with you; Netflix and chill don’t count as doing things with you.

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4. He’s Consistent: 

When a guy likes you, there is a consistent pattern of behavior, which means; he regularly checks in with you, and he regularly goes out on dates with you, there is consistency, and your relationship progresses. 

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You don’t stay stuck in the same spot when a guy doesn’t like you. He’s obsessed with you, he’s calling you all the time texting, and you all the time going out on dates, but then you go a week without hearing from him, and then he’s back, and he’s super into you, but then he disappears, that’s a sign of a guy who doesn’t like you.

When a guy likes you, he’s there, he doesn’t vanish and come in and out of your life.

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5. He Shows Interest In Your Interests: 

It doesn’t necessarily do all the same things that you like, but he shows an interest in what it is that you like. He also shows an interest in your friends and your family, he really wants to immerse himself in your world.

When a guy doesn’t like you, he’ll always keep himself at a distance because he won’t really want to immerse himself in your world, and he knows that you don’t plan on staying in it.

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6. The Relationship Progresses: 

So if you are not dating yet, you are just talking in your flirting, it progresses, he asks you out, and you move in an upward direction. If you are dating the relationship deepens, you’re not stuck in the same spot, you’re not at this impasse consistently granted, and not heading a new relationship milestone every day. But your relationship should be escalating and deepening, if all you have is flirty banter then, maybe he likes you, but he doesn’t like you enough.

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7. It’s Obvious Above All: 

When a guy likes you, it is obvious you don’t even need to ask because you already know the answer. It will just feel ridiculous to ask because it’s just so clear and obvious if he’s wishy-washy or hot and cold then, maybe he likes you, or he doesn’t like you enough to want to be in a relationship with you or want to take things in a meaningful direction, and that’s fine, not everyone’s a match.

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8. Body Language Cues:

If a guy likes you, you will notice that his body is focused and fixed on you. He might raise his eyebrows, or he might be a little bit nervous and twitchy when he’s around you. Because when we like someone, we get very nervous when we’re talking to them.

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You might also notice that he mirrors your body language. If you cross her arms, he crosses his arms, you lean in, he leans in. This applies if it’s a guy that you like, but he hasn’t asked you out yet. If he likes you, you can give him some more green light signals. Body language doesn’t lie because you can tell exactly where someone stands based on their body language.

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