Subtle Signs He's Into You

11 Subtle Signs He’s Into You

Typically, when a guy likes you, it’s obvious, but sometimes other factors can get in the way, maybe he’s shy or insecure or afraid of rejection. So, he might not come right out and tell you that he likes you, but his body language won’t be able to lie. This is because a lot of the body language cues that we give off when we like someone. Our unconscious, reflexes, and reactions that we wouldn’t even be able to control if we tried. There are some subtle signs he’s into you.

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1. He Can’t Help But Smile: 

If a guy likes you, you’ll notice that he’s smiling so much, and it almost looks like his face hurts. It will be a full base smile, and he will show all his teeth. The smile will go all the way up to his eyes as Tyra Banks says:

“A fake smile as one that stops at the mouth.”

2. Pupil Dilation: 

This is an automatic reflex when we see something or someone, we like our pupils will dilate. Don’t go too crazy with this one because you can look like a creeper. If you’re staring at his eyeballs and trying to see if his pupils dilate. Sometimes, you can’t tell if you’re in a dark room or something like that. So don’t take yourself too crazy with this one, or with any of these signs for that matter.

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3. Eye contact: 

This is just a way to establish a connection, and it is also something that we do, and we like someone we, look them right in the eye as they say: 

“Eyes are the windows to the soul.”

If this is a shy guy, you might notice that he looks away. It looks back, looks away, either way, he will find a way to lock eyes with you if he likes you.

4. He Does The Eyebrow Flash: 

When a guy likes you, he will typically do a quick eyebrow flash when he sees you. So you don’t really go up so high, but assuming this guy does not have a tight forehead. He will raise his eyebrows if he likes you, but this can happen super quick. It’s basically a blink, and you’ll miss it type of thing.

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5. He Leans In Close: 

If a guy likes you he’s gonna lean in close when you’re talking. Even if he can hear you perfectly fine from where he’s sitting. It just creates its swamp, and that’s something we do with reflection when we like someone because we like them. You want to be closer to them, and you want to know you’re drawn to them.

6. He Keeps His Feet Angled Towards You: 

This is another scientifically proven sign that someone likes you. When we like someone, we keep our feet angled directly towards them. So that means his body will be facing directly towards you. Conversely, if a guy doesn’t like you, you might notice that his feet are angled away from you. It’s almost like he’s trying to get out of the conversation and see what else is going on? Who else is in the room when someone likes you? They are locked in.

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7. He Looks For Reasons To Touch You By Accident: 

When a guy likes you, he is going to find ways to touch you. This isn’t always a conscious thing he’s just drawn to you. So, it could be innocent things like;

“He might pick a strand of hair off of your shirt, or he might give you a high-five that lingers for a little too long.”

You might notice that if you’re sitting next to each other, his knee brushes against your knee and kind of leaves it there, so you’re touching your knees. Also, if you touch him, you’ll notice that he is receptive to that touch. He doesn’t tense up and back away, which is something a guy might do: if he is not interested in you.

8. He Is Focused On You: 

When a guy likes you he is locked in, fixed, and focused on you. So, if you were talking to him he’s not checking his phone, glancing around the room seeing who else is there? Who else does he want to talk to you? Checking out other girls… He is totally locked in on you and making eye contact with you. If you’re texting, you might notice that he finds ways to keep the conversation going. Sometimes, over text conversation can hit an impasse, and it kind of dies down. If a guy is not that interested in you, he’ll just let it die down. If a guy is interested in you, he’ll keep it going because he likes you and is totally locked in on you.

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9. He’s Fidgets: 

Guys tend to forget, what to do with their hands when they are in the presence of a girl that they like? You might notice, he’s just a little bit awkward with his hands. Maybe, he fixes his hair, and then he fixes a shirt, he puts his hands in his pocket, and then he does the whole thing. You might notice awkwardness, shiftiness, and fidgetiness. This is because he’s nervous, and this is his way of working off some of that nervous energy. 

10. He Stares At You: 

When we like someone, we can’t help but stare at them. Even if we know we’re being maybe a little bit creepy because we’re looking at them. You want to stare at them and can’t help yourself a guy likes you. You’ll notice that he can’t keep his eyes off of you.

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11. He Mirrors You: 

This is probably one of the biggest body languages tells, when we like someone, we will unconsciously mirror their movements, you might notice that; 

  • You crossed,  he might cross his legs. 
  • You might start speaking faster, he might use the same words.


Do you know to see how many boxes he checks and analyzes and obsess over it? Because when you do that you’re not able to connect to him as a person. You can’t be present when you’re interacting and engaging with the worried thoughts in your mind. Establish a relationship by being present and forming a connection with that other person.

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If you are stressing and obsessing then, this blocks you from being able to do that. So stop the stressing and obsessing, all you need to do is just give him a green light signal so that he knows you’re interested. If he asks you out, don’t be aggressive with this something subtle, it doesn’t be receptive to him and smile at him. You need to be a stone-cold face-on because you’re scared of showing interest. If a guy is interested in you, and you show interest in him, he’s gonna see that is a good thing, and that’s not gonna scare him away if you do this. And he doesn’t ask you out then, it means; he doesn’t like you enough, or maybe he does like you. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. Maybe, he doesn’t wanna be in a relationship with anyone right now: the reasons don’t matter the facts do.

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