No Contact Rule With A Taurus Man

No Contact Rule With A Taurus Man (Will It Work?)

The no contact rule is an important tool to have in your break-up arsenal, but it’s not always easy to follow – especially when your ex is a Taurus man. Here’s what you need to know about using the no contact rule with a Taurus man, and how to make it work for you.

When To Use The No Contact Rule With A Taurus Man?

When To Use The No Contact Rule With A Taurus Man

1. He’s No Longer Interested In You:

If you feel like the interest from your Taurus man has fizzled out and he’s no longer as attentive as he used to be, it may be time to use the no contact rule. This will give him the space he needs to miss you and hopefully reignite the spark between you.

2. He Starts To Take You For Granted:

If your Taurus man starts to take you for granted, it may be time to employ the no contact rule. This will show him that he needs to appreciate you more and that you’re not going to put up with being taken for granted.

3. He Starts Behaving Irrationally Or Inconsistently:

If a Taurus man starts behaving in an irrational manner or begins to act inconsistently, it may be a sign that he is losing interest in you. In such a case, you can try using the no contact rule to see if he comes back to his senses. If he doesn’t, then it may be time to move on.

4. If He’s Been Cheating Or Being Untrustworthy:

The no contact rule can be a great way to punish a Taurus man who has been cheating or being otherwise untrustworthy. It will give him a taste of what it’s like to be without you and may make him realize that he needs to change his ways if he wants to keep you in his life.

If he’s been cheating, it will also give you some time to decide whether or not you want to forgive him and give the relationship another chance. Just be sure that you’re really ready to let him back into your life before you do anything rash.

5. You Need Time To Reassess The Relationship:

If you’re not quite sure where you stand with your Taurus man, it might be a good idea to use the no contact rule. This will give you time to reassess things and figure out what you want from the relationship. It’s also a good way to see if he’s truly interested in you or if he’s just stringing you along.

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6. He Doesn’t Make An Effort To Communicate With You:

If your Taurus man suddenly stops making an effort to communicate with you, it’s a sign that he’s no longer interested in continuing the relationship. When this happens, it’s best to follow the no contact rule and give him space. If he comes back on his own, then you’ll know that he truly cares about you. However, if he doesn’t make an effort to reach out, then it’s best to move on.

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7. You Need To Work On Yourself Independently:

If you want to get your Taurus man back, it is essential that you work on becoming the best version of yourself. This means improving your career, your health, and your lifestyle. When you take care of yourself first, it shows that you are confident and independent. This is a major turn-on for a Taurus man.

8. There’s Been A Major Fight Or Disagreement:

If you and your Taurus man have had a major blowout, it may be time to invoke the no contact rule. This will give both of you time to cool off so that you can come back to the situation with level heads. Chances are, you’ll both be able to find a resolution more easily once you’ve had some time apart.

When The No Contact Rule Fails With A Taurus Man:

When The No Contact Rule Fails With A Taurus Man

1. You’ve Moved On:

When you’ve moved on and are no longer interested in your Taurus ex, the no contact rule will fail. This is because your ex can sense that you’re no longer interested and will move on himself.

2. You Don’t Have The Patience:

If you don’t have the patience to let the no contact rule work, then it will fail. A Taurus man needs time to miss you and to think about what he’s done wrong. If you try to rush him, he’ll only get defensive and push you away.

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3. He’s Not Worth It:

If you’ve been dating a Taurus man for awhile and he’s done nothing but treats you badly, then it’s time to move on. There’s no reason to keep trying with someone who clearly doesn’t deserve you. When the no contact doesn’t work with a Taurus man, it’s often because he’s just not worth your time and energy.

4. He’s Not Interested:

The no contact rule only works if the person you’re with is actually interested in you. If they’re not, then the no contact rule is pointless. When it comes to a Taurus man, he’s not going to be interested in you if you’re constantly breaking the no contact rule. He’ll see you as needy and clingy, which is a huge turnoff for him.

5. He’s A Player:

If your Taurus ex is a player, then the no contact rule will never work. This is because he’s not looking for a serious relationship and is only interested in short-term flings. If you want a lasting relationship, it’s best to move on and find someone who wants the same thing.

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6. There’s Someone Else:

There’s always the possibility that your Taurus ex has moved on and is interested in someone else. When this happens, the no contact rule won’t work because he’s no longer thinking about you. If you suspect that there’s someone else, it’s best to forget about him.

7. You’re Not Into Him:

This is a common reason why the no contact rule doesn’t work with a Taurus man. If you’re not interested in him, then there’s no point in trying to get him back. He’ll sense your lack of interest and will move on. It’s best to be honest with yourself with him and end things before you get too emotionally attached.

8. He’s Not Ready For A Relationship:

A Taurus man takes his time when it comes to relationships. If you’re not willing to wait for him, then the no contact rule will fail. He needs to know that you’re patient and will wait for him to be ready. If you try to force things, he’ll only pull away.

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9. You’re Not Compatible:

No matter how much you want it, the no contact rule will fail if you’re not compatible with a Taurus man. This is because a relationship needs more than just physical attraction. You need to have similar interests, values, and goals.

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10. It’s Just Not Meant To Be:

Sometimes the no contact rule fails because it’s just not meant to be. You can’t force someone to be with you if they don’t want to. If you’ve tried everything and it’s just not working, then it’s time to accept that it’s not meant to be. Let go and move on.

Will A Taurus Man Come Back After No Contact?

Will A Taurus Man Come Back After No Contact

It’s no secret that the no contact rule is often used as a way to get an ex back. But does it work on a Taurus man?

Here’s what you need to know about the no contact rule and a Taurus man.

The no contact rule is a strategy that is often used to get an ex back. The basic premise is to cut off all communication with your ex for a period of time, usually 30-60 days. The thinking is that by doing this, you will allow any negative feelings to dissipate and your ex will start to miss you.

There is no guarantee that the no contact rule will work on a Taurus man, but it is definitely worth a try. The key is to be patient and give him the time he needs to miss you. If you do this, there is a good chance that he will come back to you.


If you’re trying to use the no contact rule with a Taurus man, you need to be prepared for him to test your resolve. He may try to call you, text you, or even show up at your door. If you can hold firm and not respond to his attempts to contact you, he’ll eventually give up and move on.

Of course, the no contact rule isn’t foolproof, and there’s no guarantee that your Taurus man will come back to you if you use it. But it’s worth a try if you’re hoping to get his attention and make him realize that he’s not the only one in control.


Yes, Taurus men definitely enjoy being missed and feel appreciated when their efforts are acknowledged. If you’ve been neglecting your Taurus man lately, take some time to show him some extra attention. Plan a special date night or send him a heartfelt text letting him know how much you appreciate him. He’ll definitely appreciate the gesture and feel more connected to you as a result.

Taurus men handle breakups similarly to how they handle most difficult situations in life – by taking their time to process what happened and eventually moving on.

Taurus men may distance themselves emotionally if they feel like they’re not being appreciated or are otherwise unhappy in a relationship. If you sense your Taurus man withdrawing, take some time to talk to him about what’s going on and see if there’s anything you can do to help make things right.

If a Taurus man is truly interested in you, he will be willing to wait for you – even if it takes some time. Taurus men are patient by nature, so if he’s willing to stick around through the ups and downs, it’s safe to say he’s serious about you.


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