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5 Steps to Make A Man Fall In Love With You

What are the steps to make a man fall in love with you? Getting a man to fall in love with you really does come down to a few simple steps, and once you understand the psychology of how men operate.

1. Physical Attraction:

Don’t beat yourself up if he’s not attracted to you because everyone has a different type and different preferences. And you are gonna be the right type for the right man for you. So don’t try it to be something else or look like someone else. 

Focus on looking the best that you can look, wear clothes that flatter your body type, and wear your hair in a style that flatters your face shape. Do makeup techniques that enhance your best features that are really all you can do here. Of course, focus on being confident because there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman.

3 steps to make a man love you

Some scientifically proven ways to enhance your attractiveness to men, so basically anything that indicates fertility is going to instinctively make you more attractive to men. So some markers of fertility are red lips or pink flushed cheeks, but this is not really a fertility marker, but lined lids are more attractive to men. So when you wear eyeliner because the contrast of the dark lids, against your skin tone, has just been found to be more attractive to men.


Thick shiny hair studies have found that men notice your hair before anything else, so they’re noticing it before within the front and before it’s in the back, it comes down to your hair. So make sure to take really good care of your hair, and your hair looks amazing, so when your hair looks amazing you look amazing. Make sure you take care of your skin, do the morning and nighttime skincare routine because when your skin is clear and lavish-free smooth, that is super attractive because it can hint at fertility.

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2. Go With The Flow:

So an attraction has ignited, you’ve been texting with this guy, you’ve been talking on the phone, and hanging out go with the flow. Do not abscess, stress, and analyze, and don’t do any of those things. Try to enjoy getting to know him to have a good vibe. Be easy to be around because the number one thing men want in a woman who is easy to be around. 

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No drama, neediness, and demanding things of them just a woman does not mean you shouldn’t have any needs. It just means; overall, in general, for the most part in the relationship, you are easy to be around, everyone wants that, so that’s what you need to focus on. Have a good mood, make sure that the energy you’re bringing into the relationship is positive and nice to be around.

Don’t be desperate to move the relationship in a certain direction. This is just part of going with the flow, don’t have an agenda, and don’t try to push things along because doing that is just really a sign of your own insecurities. 

You’re insecure about how he feels about you, so you need him to call you his girlfriend to feel secure in the relationship. Because you can’t feel secure without that and when you put that pressure on the relationship. That’s what causes things to kind of fizzle out and causes him to lose his attraction towards you or his desire to be around you. Because that doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t feel good to be around somebody who has an agenda. 


It’s important not to invest in him until he has invested in you because this is a common mistake so many women make. And It’s also important not to act like his girlfriend before you are his girlfriend because if you do, he’s just gonna have no motivation to change anything about your relationship or situation or whatever it is.

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3. Establish Fundamental Compatibility:

A lot of the times, women get so swept up, and how amazing it is that they found this great guy and they just enjoying their time with him so much that they forget to ask themselves the important questions like; 

Are we compatible?

And that is the most important question because you cannot survive off chemistry alone. Because having amazing chemistry is awesome, and it’s a great feeling, but your relationship cannot survive. 

You have to make sure that you are fundamentally compatible, which means you share values. You have a shared vision for the future that means: if you want kids and if you want to raise your kids with religion. And if you guys are on the same side politically speaking and things like; politics and religion are no big deal to some people, and they are a huge deal to other people.

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You need to find out where he stands and where you stand and if those two things align and if you can meet in the middle. Sometimes you can’t, or sometimes someone does not want kids, and the other person does want kids, that’s kind of a deal-breaker. Because you can’t really compromise there, it’s either someone changes their mind, or they don’t. It’s also important to notice; 

  • Do your personalities mesh well? 
  • Do you go together? 
  • Is he the type of guy that you want?

For example; 

If you really want a mushy-gushy, sweet, and sensitive guy, and he’s more of a cold alpha straightforward type of guy then, that might be a problem, and you need to be honest with yourself.

Is this really going to be a problem for you, or is that something that you can cope with and be happy with?

These are important questions that don’t get swept away by the chemistry, and you have to also look at the fundamental compatibility.

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4. Maintain Your Own Life:

The relationship is progressing and deepening. You guys are really enjoying each other, do not throw everything else you had going on in your life before this guy overboard. It is so important that you continue doing all those things, of course, you might carve out more space for him in your life as he becomes a bigger part of your life, but it’s so important that you keep doing the things you did before.

You keep hanging out with your friends, and you keep going to the gym and pursuing your passions because when you stop doing those things, you place way too much pressure on the relationship. And the relationship becomes your only source of happiness, and a relationship can’t flourish under those conditions and under that kind of pressure. Because essentially, it’ll come across to the guy as neediness, you’re gonna start to rely on him more and more and more to fill you up emotionally whereas before when he first fell for you and you first became interested in you. It was because you had so much going on in your life, you’ve had a well-rounded life, and you could bring that into the relationship. 

You weren’t looking to him to save you from something or to get something out of him or to fulfill you in some way because you had so many other things that were already fulfilling you. So it’s really important to keep your life balance, of course, you make space for him, but still, maintain everything else you had going on.

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5. Appreciate Ignore And Respect Him For Who He Is:

Men are absolutely starved for genuine appreciation and acknowledgment for who they are at the end of the day. All a man wants is to be with a woman and make her happy and feel seen and appreciated for who he is, and when the man finds a woman who does this, he would never want to let her go. Because most men don’t show their true selves to many people, they wear a mask in the world, and that’s how they present themselves.

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Maybe, he’s the funny jokey guy who likes to make everyone in the room laugh. Whatever it is that he plays up in public is not really his true self in psychology, and this is called the shadow self. The shadow self is that part of you that is the real you that you don’t necessarily want to admit to having when he really feels seen for who he is. And when you can tap into that shadow self, and when you see him, and you appreciate him, that is when he truly falls in love with you and realizes that you are a woman that he never wants to let go of. 


It is so important to always show appreciation in your relationship. Women also need appreciation, but women need to feel adored much more than appreciated for all the things, which means; obviously, everyone has their own love language. All men need genuine appreciation, so when he does things for you notice them, compliment him and give him specific compliments, not general compliments that you could get to anyone be super specific on;

  • How is he the only guy who makes you feel this way? 
  • How is he the only guy who has such an incredible heart and really cares about other people and really cares about helping people?

Just notice things that are specific to him and about what makes him who he is. And If you do appreciate and acknowledge, he will be absolutely head over heels and will be yours forever, and you’ll never be able to get rid of this guy.

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