If A Guy Likes You He Will Make The Effort

If A Guy Likes You He Will Make The Effort

Are you thinking he makes the effort about whether a guy likes you truly or not? Is he just a playboy like every other guy out there? Is he serious about our relationship or honest in his feelings?

Well, men aren’t as complex or difficult to read as you might think of. You just must look out for some signs to find out.

7 ways to know if a man truly loves you

The Signs To Find Whether He’s Interested In You Or Not? 

Starts Acting Weird When He Is Around You:

Starts Acting Weird When He Is Around You

He may not notice but subconsciously he will be acting weird. Maybe he stutters when he speaks out, becomes nervous or tense. Sometimes, he pulls you away from himself because he thinks he might do something which might create a bad impression on you.

These are positive signs that show he has real and strong feelings for you.

A lot of times women are unable to understand what a man is thinking, how he feels about the relationship, what he wants from his life, or what he is asking for in the relationship.

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Well, the solution to this issue is simple.

Biologically, male and female brains work differently. The place where the brain works with emotional matters which I call the brain’s motherboard is more in females than males. This is the reason why women are more emotional or sensitive than men.

It’s the only reason why women are more in touch with their emotions while on the other hand men still struggle in understanding their feelings.

Well, the solution is to trigger the emotional part of the man’s brain and try to talk with him in a manner that he understands you.

Getting Jealous When You Give Attention To Other Guys:

Getting Jealous When You Give Attention To Other Guys

Jealousy is something that leads the person to have insecurity. The feeling of fear about losing your belongings or loved ones.

You are talking to another guy in front of him and he’s just looking (staring) at you constantly while wondering what is so good you are talking about. He will be jealous of the other guy and will wonder about how he has taken your attention. This is a good sign that shows he’s serious about you and truly loves you.

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If you talk to another guy and afterward, he ignores you or is angry with you, then it is confirmed he was jealous.

However, later you give him attention and he comes back to being normal around you and is happy the same then it was jealousy that was making him angry. He loves you a lot because he doesn’t like you when you are giving attention to someone else.

As for some guys, the jealousy will make that person come and interrupt the conversation when you are talking to another guy.

Isn’t it interesting what jealousy could do?

Asking A Lot Of Questions About You:

Asking A Lot Of Questions About You

If a guy likes you he will make the effort by non-stop questioning you then, he’s probably interested in you.

He wants to know more about you. He wants to learn about your personality, your nature, and your habits. His curiosity will lead to asking you more questions about your likes or dislikes.

More questions show how much he is curious and interested in you.

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Well, we know neither great at conversations nor great listeners.

If they attentively listen to your answers and ask more questions with your related answers that means he is interested in you.

For example, you are telling him about how much you like eating chips and he asks about what type of flavor you like just after your answer then he is seriously interested in you.

This shows what type of person he is. He listener.

He Can’t Hide His Smile Around You:

He Can't Hide His Smile Around You

If he can’t hide his smiles or laughs around you, then it means he likes you or you are lucky cause you no longer need to find someone else. You have to try to tell him a lame or stupid joke to see his reaction.

Does love to trick us? Don’t you think?

To acknowledge whether the other likes you or not, a lot of times we go out of our way and do silly things. Like acting weird or the stupid jokes. Your partner’s reaction to these shows how much you interest him/her.

To make a good impression around you he would give a lot of cute responses/reactions to all the little things you do.

Because if he doesn’t like you, he would never smile or laugh at either of the things you do.

A little advice: if he laughs or smiles around you, don’t let him go. Maybe he is the right one for you.

Question Of His Life:

Question Of His Life

The one and the only question he asks to know whether he has a chance or not. Any guesses?

Well, it is “Do you have a boyfriend?”.

He stops being nervous as soon as you say “No! I am single.”

It’s a straight sign he is into you. If he weren’t, he would never ask this question. He would not gather up his courage and keep aside his nervousness just to ask the question.

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Well, that’s not the case with every type of guy cause a lot of them are either too shy or nervous to ask you. A lot of them are even afraid of rejection.

It’s okay girls! Don’t worry they will still try to express themselves and would let you know that he is still single.

If they don’t do so, you could also mention it during the conversation and wait to see his reaction. If it makes the guy smile, then he is interested in you.

He Wants To Introduce You To His Family And Friends:

He Wants To Introduce You To His Family And Friends

Introducing you to his friends reflect that he is impressed by you and wants to show off among them. He is proud of you and wants the world to know, but introducing you to his family shows he isn’t just hanging out with you or shows a huge sign he likes you.

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He might have already told his family about how important you are to him. So, if his family gives you any type of special treatment just don’t worry about it.

Compliments You On Every Now Or Then And Remembers Your Little Details:

Compliments You On Every Now Or Then And Remembers Your Little Details

If he likes you, he will notice every little thing about you that you wouldn’t have even expected it. He notices every little thing about you and isn’t afraid to tell you about it.

For example, you changed something in your everyday style like you started wearing a watch, he is the first who notices that and compliments you about it. Trust me he’s definitely into you which is why he notices every little detail about you.

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He’s completely crazy about you. As I said before, if a guy likes you, he listens to you attentively and asks constant questions.

For example, yesterday you talked about attending your friend’s birthday party with him and the next day he asked you about how the party was.

Remembering these many little details about you shows how much he is thinking about you and wants to connect with you. He just remembers the little details and just listens to you with his full attention.

Tries To Ignore You Or Avoid You:

Tries To Ignore You Or Avoid You

Funny? Right or weird? You might be thinking I’m crazy. Well, let me tell you I’m not.

It is true that a lot of guys try to play hard and pretend that he is not interested in you while hoping for you to show the signs of interest in them.

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While a lot of guys try to hide behind the door of shyness or nervousness and ignore you in hoping that they don’t make a bad impression in front of you.

Some guys might even ignore you because they aren’t interested in you. It’s your observation that will help in making the decision what type of is he ignoring you.

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He Asks For Your Number And Teases You:He Asks For Your Number And Teases You

It’s common to ask for a number for a person who seems to be interested in you. The reason why I mentioned asking for your number is you need to avoid the player type of guys.

To avoid the player type of guys, just observe if he asks for other girls on that same day or if he messages some type of vulgar messages at late nights or weird timings which shows he is a player.

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A guy that likes you teases you. I have listened to this a lot of times in my life. It is true when they like to tease you or insult you only to get your attention towards them, as you all know boys get jealous early.

They try to be funny and try to hide their embarrassment. Teasing is a way of guys telling you that they like you and are interested in you.

He Tries To Organize Dates And Do Small Cute Things With You:

He Tries To Organize Dates And Do Small Cute Things With You

A guy who likes you will think of hanging out with you. He will try to organize a small meet-up with you over an ice-cream or coffee.

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If he is interested in you, he would text you for knowing what you are doing or ask how your day was. Give you a lot of gifts showing how he pays attention to you. Try to do small things like giving you coffee to soothe you down or giving massages.

These are positive signs of his interest in you.

Talks About His Plans With You:

Talks About His Plans With You

We usually don’t talk about our future with just anyone but with someone, we feel special about. So, if he talks about his future with you, try to listen to him attentively because he is discussing as he is interested in you.

He wants to form a good impression in front of you to show he is a responsible person and has plans, dreams to fulfill. He wants to succeed in his life.

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He wishes to know about your plans so that he can know if the relationship of yours could work out or not.

He might not say directly but he wants to support you in your future that wants a relationship with you.

His Full Attention Is Towards You only:

His Full Attention Is Towards You only

If he genuinely likes you, he won’t be paying attention to other girls walking past him. Instead, he will pay attention to what you are saying or what you are doing.

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He will wish to know about your personality, your nature, and your habits. His attention is only on you and not on your property.

He is not looking out for your body parts, of course then he is a player type of guy. Watch out for these types of guys out there. You never found these types of guys hiding.

Ask Him If You Desperately Want To Know So Early:

Ask Him If You Desperately Want To Know So Early

Stop your different thoughts and ask him directly, if you want to know about his interest in you.

Stop wasting the time on stupid thoughts and wondering about what will happen or what he will he think. If he is genuinely interested in you, he will tell you right away and you both could have a good relationship started.

To be in a healthy relationship it is important to communicate among ourselves. It is alright to communicate our feelings.

Well, in the end, if he seems not to be interested in you. You could move on in your life and find someone else who you think will be suitable for you.


These are some of the tips to figure out whether he is interested in you or not.

If he is not the right one for you.

A lookout for someone who you think is suitable and could be the perfect match for you.

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