How To Make Sure He Regrets Losing You

How to Make Sure He Regrets Losing You

How to make sure he regrets losing you?

After a guy breaks up with you and hurts you. You want him to regret that decision, it only seems fair he’s causing you so much pain and feeling a little something: maybe you want him back, and that’s why you want to make him regret losing you, or maybe it has more to do with your sense of self and your ego. 

You don’t want to feel like you’re just some insignificant person to him that he was able to toss to the side without any care and without any regret that hurt, that’s a really painful reality to accept that somebody who you really cared about could just dismiss you so easily, and you want to know that he’s hurting too.

Ways To Make Sure He Regrets Losing You:

1. Keep Your Emotions To Yourself:

I’m not saying; you don’t have emotions, you can let your emotions out with your girlfriends. Do not share your emotions with him, but hold your emotions back when it comes to him.


  • Let him know how you feel he hurts you. 
  • Hand your dignity over to him. 
  • Let him see the pain that he’s caused.

Because in looking back, you’re just gonna regret the way you handled it. And it’s gonna eat away at you because that is not how to handle something with grace and with dignity and when a situation ends, and you’re the one that’s hurt.

It is important to come out of it with your head held high with your dignity intact. Don’t try to argue with him, rationalize or convince him to change his mind. This is not what gets a guy to regret losing you, and if anything makes him more sure that breaking up with you was the right decision. Because that’s just a bad look that reeks of neediness and desperation, and those are huge turn-offs for men when they don’t know how you feel that gives you the upper hand.

You being so emotionally disconnected and not showing him how you feel is really gonna take him by surprise, and that’s gonna make him wonder; how you feel knowing that he has you and he can have you, whenever he wants isn’t appealing, and wondering where your head is at is because the human mind hates to wonder.

So he’ll dwell on it and think about it, and that will cause him to regret losing you and rethink his decision to end the relationship with you.

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2. The No Contact Rule:

No one ever wants to do this, but it has to be done, you are icing him out completely, no contact, no texts or calls, and you don’t respond if he reaches out to you, you definitely don’t reach out to him.

What it, when he reaches out to you, say it;

“I really need to take this time for myself, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t contact me, and if you do, I’m just offering to respond because I’m taking this time to myself, okay! bye.”

During this time: you are not obsessing over him, but you are going to be working on yourself and putting yourself back together.

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How much you’re posting on social media because it gives you the upper hand, and the power is him not knowing what you’re up to, what you’re doing, and where your head’s at?

So if you’re constantly posting about your every move on social media then, he knows what you’re doing?

And if you’re posting first traps or you’re posting sad sappy quotes directed at him on your social media accounts then, you know exactly where your head’s at?


You know what it means when a woman posts a picture of herself in a bikini right after a breakup, she wants her guy to miss her and reach out to her and regret losing her.

It’s just so obvious, and that takes away any of the intrigue or the appeal because it’s so thirsty. Don’t be like that because he knows what game you’re playing, and it’s just not attractive and appealing. 

You could still post on social media. I’m not saying disable all of your accounts, but just do so sparingly and don’t do so to get a reaction out of him.

Because that just comes across as so desperate, and it is the biggest Man Repeller there is in this entire world, and also it reeks of low self-esteem rather than doing things like that; it seems more important to focus on building yourself.

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3. Work On Yourself:

Breakups can leave us feeling really broken, and the most important thing to do after a breakup is instead just put a band-aid over that wound, find another guy, or find some kind of distraction you have to deal with.

How does this make him regret losing you because that is how you build yourself up to a healthier, stronger, and happier person and this shift in your mood and your vibe?

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It is something that he can just hiccup, so instead of obsessing over him and how he did you wrong, focus on your happiness and focus on pursuing your passions. Stop taking it so personally that he didn’t want to be with you because it’s important to do an inventory.

Find out why their relationship ended, not just the surface reason, look at the real reason;

  • Why did it really end, and is he really the right guy for you? 
  • Why do you want to make him regret losing you? 
  • What will that do for you? 
  • What need will that satisfy within you? 
  • Why do you even care? 
  • Why do you find it so hard to move on from this guy that hurt you so badly?

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4. Look Amazing:

Men are visual creatures and they respond to visual stimulation. Also, this is what Kate Middleton did after she and William broke up the first time, that girl was out on the town looking unbelievable, which means her body was sick, and she looked incredible. She was going out with other guys and just having fun and William came crawling back in like a month. 

It worked to take a play out of her, and she knows what she’s doing in life. You got to look amazing, but don’t do it for him.

Do it for you that makes you feel good, putting yourself together on the outside really has an impact on how you feel on the inside, which means think about when you were in high school, and you depressed about something, and you’re just in your sweats, and your hair is in a greasy bun on top of your head. 

Your mom said; 

“Take a shower, and get dressed.”

It’ll make you feel better because how you present yourselves on the outside really has an impact: if you look good, you’ll feel good. And those two things will play into one another. It will also get his attention and will make him regret losing you.

Try out a new hairstyle and makeup routine, and a new look, find something that makes you feel good. And in those times where your hair and makeup look amazing and your outfits on a point. You walk with your head higher, and you feel like you could conquer the world. Go for that.

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5. Get Back Out:

Go on dates, get on the apps, open yourself up to other guys. If you don’t want to date or not the right time to date, just mentally open yourself up to the possibility of another relationship with a guy who is not like him. 

This just is a mental shift that he can pick up on because you’re not completely investing yourself in him, and you’re not investing in one outcome that outcome being things, working out with him and crawling back on his hands and knees, and begging for you to come back.

You must see what else is out there because nothing gets a man’s attention like the prospect of losing a girl that he cares about. If he senses: he could lose, and you’re not waiting in the wings. Just waiting for him to decide that he wants to get back together with you will make him reassess, that will make him look a little more closely at his decision and might make him regret his decision. 

So there you have it, that is how to make a guy regret losing you. It really just comes down to building yourself up and getting to a place where you feel amazing about yourself.

If you’re in a place where you want to make a guy regret losing you, and you’re not in the best place that you could be in, so that’s where to start, and then, work your way up, and try not to even focus on making him regret losing you.

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