8 Ways To Make Him Fear Losing You

8 Easy Ways How To Make Him Fear Losing You Badly

How to make him fear losing you badly? What makes a man afraid of losing you, which in turn causes him to step up and give you the commitment that you want.

What usually happens in a relationship, a woman will meet a guy who shows some interest in her, and she completely latches on to him. She commits herself fully to him and is fully invested in making this relationship work, she cancels the dating apps and forgets about any other potential guys that may be out there. And she is just all-in, the guy knows that she’s all-in, and he can continue with this non-relationship indefinitely because he’s getting all the benefits of a relationship without the responsibility, and he knows; she’s not going anywhere. 

So he has no motivation to step up and commit to her to get a guy to give you the commitment you want. So There are few ways to make him fear losing you.

1. Keep Your Options Open:

If you are not official, you’re not in an official relationship with this guy. Keep dating around and keep your options open; do not commit yourself to him because you’re not his girlfriend. Until you’re his girlfriend, and then you’re a free agent, you can see what else is out there.

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You like this guy, and you don’t want to see what else is out there because you feel like this one could be the one. But you can’t do that you have to keep looking around at what’s out there because if you commit yourself to him before he commits to you, it never happens because he knows that you’re there. So he can continue exploring his options as long as he wants, and you’re always there waiting in the wing, which doesn’t mean that you are going out on dates every night. You don’t have to be going out with different guys, but just keep your mind open to the possibility of dating other guys. 

Keep your dating apps active, and keep an eye out for anyone else who catches your eye. Don’t commit your whole heart to this one guy, and essentially the reason for this is pretty simple: if a guy likes you and senses that he could lose you to some other guy, he will step up and snatch, claim you as his real quick.

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2. Leave Him Wanting More:

If a guy doesn’t fully have you, he will always be afraid that he might lose you to something or somebody else. It’s important especially, at the beginning of a relationship to leave him wanting more because you’re not doing this in a manipulative way. 

So the way to leave him wanting more is don’t engage in all-day texting marathon sessions. That’s easy to do at the beginning of a relationship if you would like this guy, but it’s important to cut the conversation. Also, you don’t need to always tell him exactly what you’re doing? and fill him in on every detail of your day, if he asks you to hang out one night.

Let him imagine what you might be up to his mind. He will go to the worst places and think of you out with some other guy. If he likes you, he will not take the risk of losing you to some other dude. It’s also good not to say yes every time he asks you to hang out again, don’t do this in a manipulative way. Focus on having a full amazing life so that you are busy, and this guy has to work a little harder to carve some space in your life.

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3. Have An Active Social Life: 

Keep your life full and busy, and have a lot going on when you do this, he needs to work harder to get your attention and time. And if he has to work harder, he will subconsciously or consciously realize that you are an in-demand woman. And that makes him afraid of losing you because that’s rare and hard to find, and guys know that.

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4. Use Your Walking Power: 

Walking power means that you say to him you better step up and treat me right, or I’ll walk away. It is a belief that you hold internally, and it’s one where you tell yourself the situation, and you believe and hold that belief.

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You don’t even need to say anything to him because you’ll be fine if you walk away from him. If he can’t give you what you want, you’re okay with leaving this situation. This is a very different mentality than what most women have in a relationship. Most women cling to it for dear life and commit themselves fully.

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5. Have High Self-Worth: 

A man isn’t afraid of losing a needy woman because she needs him too much and she’s not going anywhere. And he knows that he could behave as badly as he wants, and she will still be there and be working and harder to win him over to gain whatever scraps he’s willing to throw her way.

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Don’t be this woman, be a high-value woman who values herself, her time and doesn’t waste time on guys who don’t treat her right. When a woman is confident, a guy knows that he needs to step up and bring his game, or else he might lose her. How do you do this, and how can you become a confident woman with high self-worth?


If a guy goes hours without texting you back, your instinct might be to text him a barrage of angry messages saying: 

  • Why aren’t you answering me? I know that you’re by your phone
  • I saw that you liked some girl’s pictures on Instagram. 

Instead of doing that, ask yourself when different situations come up in your relationship, how would a confident woman react to this situation? 

The answer is pretty clear, also it helps to find a competent role model, maybe it’s a friend or a family member or even a celebrity who’s just super confident, and when you; look up to ask like what would I do in this situation and let that guide you, and the more you asked as though you are a woman with confidence and high self-worth, the more that will penetrate and become a part of you.

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It’s also important to have passions because when you are passionate about something and pursue your passion you feel alive, energized, and that’s what makes you magnetic, people want to be around you and help fill you up so that you’re not relying on a man to fill you up.

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6. Have Boundaries: 

Confident people have boundaries, and they stick to them, and if someone crosses that boundary, the result of consequences to pay. If one of your boundaries is: 

“I don’t want a guy who’s making last-minute plans and messaging me at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday saying; hey, I want to come over.”

Because if he asks you to hang out last minute then, you probably say no because that’s one of your boundaries: you don’t do that and don’t hang out with last-minute people.

So stick to those boundaries, people without boundaries only ones who get walked all over and treated like doormats. And one of your boundaries might be okay with a guy who says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. So if a guy comes out and says; 

“I don’t like labels and being in a relationship, and that’s your boundary.”

You say; 

“Okay! well, this isn’t for me because that’s what I’m looking for, I guess we’re on two different pages, and I wish you all the best.”

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7. Prioritize Yourself:

Many women make the mistake of prioritizing the man as soon as they get into a relationship, or not even a relationship as soon as they start dating a guy that they like, and see a lot of potential with her makes it all about him, what he’s thinking and how he’s feeling? You still need to prioritize yourself, look at him, and say how can he enhance your life? not for: 

  • What can I do to win him over and show him what an amazing girlfriend I will be? 
  • Is he worthy of me? 
  • Will they treat me right? 
  • Is he good enough for me? 

Those are the questions you should be asking and prioritizing how you feel: if you don’t feel good in the relationship, you will not stay in a relationship. It’s also important to prioritize your mental health and physical health. Make sure; you continue working out, and taking care of yourself, and doing things that you enjoy.

It’s so easy to drop everything as soon as there’s a guy in the picture who shows some love and affection or attention, but it’s important to make yourself the priority. Also, looking and feeling your best because once you’re in that place, the guy will be afraid of losing you because he sees how attractive and appealing you are. So he’ll step up his game to keep you and to be worthy of you.

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8. Connect To Who He Truly Is: 

Men are starved for genuine connection, recognition, and appreciation because that’s something they don’t often get. 

Most women get so wrapped up in: 

  • How does he feel? 
  • What’s going on in his head? 
  • Does he like me? 
  • Does he not like me? 
  • What did this text mean? 

They don’t even focus on connecting with who he is.

We all wear masks in the world, and it’s important to connect to who he is beneath the mask of his real self in psychology, which is called the shadow self. Your shadow self is who you truly are, and it’s those parts of your personality that you show the world, but that is your essence.

So if he conducts himself as a macho tough guy in the world but beneath that, he might be sensitive and have a big heart, that is his essence, who he truly is, and who you want to tap into. So pay attention to him, and pay attention to what lights him up and what compliments are meaningful to him. And try to connect on that level, this will not only make him afraid of losing you because he’ll realize what a valuable woman he found and will become addicted to you.

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