How To Make A Man Miss You

How To Make A Man Miss You

How to make a man miss you? If you’re in a long-term relationship and want to revive the spark, or if you’re in the early phases of dating and you want this guy to like you and to think about you a lot, or if you’ve just broken up with this guy and you want to get him back. So that’s these tips will help you to find;

“What does it take to get a man to miss you and think about you? How can a woman get the commitment from the guy that she wants?”

1. Don’t Always Be The First To Reach Out: 

If you feel like you are always initiating contact and plans with him, and stop reaching out, you would never hear from him again. It is time to pull back and let him pursue you.

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Men appreciate having the space to pursue a woman, so give it to him. If you stop reaching out to him and don’t hear from him anymore. It means he doesn’t like you enough to want to be in a relationship with you. And it’s best to let him go.

2. Be Positive: 

Men love a happy positive woman, and they can’t stand a negative complaining woman. So when you’re with him, be positive, upbeat, and share positive happy stories.

Don’t use him as your emotional dumping ground if it feels good to be around you. He wants to be around you all the time, and he thinks about you constantly when he’s not with you. Because he craves that positive energy that is magnetic to men. So if you are in a negative bitter place, your priority should be to fix that and get out of that mindset.

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3. Your Best Look: 

The fact is: you look amazing, he thinks about you, wants you, yearns for you, and misses you. This isn’t about turning yourself into something that you’re not. So find makeup that’s flattering for you, find a hairstyle that flatters your face, and find clothing that flatters your body type work with what you have. Don’t try to become anyone else when you do that. You’ll be confident in your skin, and confidence is super sexy.

4. Leave Him Wanting More They Eat:

This way to get someone to like you is to leave them wanting more. So don’t give it all away, it’s okay to hold yourself back a little bit, especially if you’re in the early stages of dating. Don’t be afraid to leave the conversation first, or end the text first, or walk away from him first, or say no to plans on occasion. Don’t be cold or mean to him, be perfectly nice. Just have a lot going on in your life so that he wants more of you, and he’s never satisfied. This is not about playing games, it’s about not going all-in until what it is you’re getting yourself into? And this is the mistake a lot of women make that leads to heartbreak. They go all-in and completely commit themselves to this guy when he’s not even on the same page yet. And she completely abandons her life in favor of him, and that’s just not attractive.

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So be sparing with yourself, with your time, and don’t tell him everything. Let him learn about you slowly, and let him peel back those layers one at a time. Although you don’t need to tell him exactly what it is you’re doing? This is another good way to create some mystery.

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5. Don’t Be So Available: 

Don’t respond to his texts, and don’t always be available when he wants to hang out with you. This might sound like you’re playing a game, but you’re not because you have to fill your life up with so many amazing things that this guy has to fight in his way. He doesn’t automatically take over all the slots in your life.

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So the point is: keep busy, so you don’t have to answer. Because you’re doing other things, you’re not available every single night obliquely to hang out with him. You have other hobbies, friends, and guys that you’re dating. Especially, if this is like an early phase where you don’t even know what you are yet? That’s what you should be doing. So this is not about playing mind games; if you are always there when he summons you, how will he miss you?

6. Let Him See You In Your Element: 

Invite him to a game night or a night of bowling with your friends or bring them to a party. Let him see you socializing with your friends and talking to other guys. Do not flirt with other guys to make him, it will backfire, and that’s what insecure people do, so don’t do it.

Well, let him see that you have options, especially if this guy is not your boyfriend yet. Let him see that you are an in-demand person and how likable you are? How many friends do you have? Or whatever the case. It is important: he needs to see you in your element and an environment where you shine.

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7. Connect To Who He Is Too: 

Who is he? What makes you stand out from all the misses? There are misses these days because it’s easier than ever to find somebody to date who makes you stand out? You can connect with him. Well, what most people do is get so caught up and try to get the guy to feel a certain way about them. She completely doesn’t even think about his experience in the relationship or who he is? And doesn’t even try to form a meaningful connection.

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So you try to find out who he is? What does he want? What drives him? But a man could talk about this stuff all day. He wants a woman who wants to listen and hear the answer getting physical with the guy. It doesn’t mean much because men can find hundreds of women that are willing to get physical? What matters are creating that level of intimacy? This is what gets you to stand out? And what makes the relationship to the next level, which is not getting physical? It’s about creating an intimate, not physical, and emotionally intimate connection.

8. No Contact: 

If this is a guy that you’ve broken up with, and you want him to miss you then, you got to follow the no-contact rule. No contact means no calls, texts, talking, and anything to him. If you want to get him to miss, you don’t even like to cut back on how much you post on social media. Because let him wonder where you are? Let him fill in the length, and the human mind will always go to the darkest places when it comes to doing this.

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9. Be Happy On Your Own: 

This is the most important piece of advice you have to learn to be happy on your own first. If you are a genuinely happy and fulfilled woman, that’s what gets a guy to like you, miss you, and want to be around you. If you are happy and you have a fulfilled life, this will also put some of his relationship fears to rest. Because he’ll know that being with you doesn’t mean that he will be consumed with this needy energy. He knows that you’re not the kind of woman who sucks him dry, needs him for everything, and needs him to fulfill her every single emotional need. There’s this idea that men are afraid of relationships and commitment, but that’s not necessarily true.

What men are afraid of is the bad relationship? They’re afraid of being stuck in situations where they’re sucked dry by a needy woman who demands so much of him. That’s what guys are afraid of, and every guy has always one friend who’s in this kind of relationship.

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