How To Make A Man Chase You

How To Make A Man Chase You Instantly

How to make a man chase you? How to get a guy to pursue you, and how to do it without playing games or being manipulative? 

So why is it important to get a guy to chase you? Well, it comes down to basic biology because men are hunters and wired to want to pursue you. And unfortunately, a lot of women have taken that away from men by going after them so forcefully being aggressive about things.

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It may have served you in other areas of your life, maybe it got you where you are in your career, but it will not help you. When it comes to getting a guy: if anything doing this; is just gonna scare him away and make you look desperate. The chase is: what gets a man to pursue you is; what leads him to invest in you and commit himself to you.

1. Have An Amazing Life:

The way to get a guy to chase you is to be unavailable, and the best way to be unavailable is to have a full amazing life where you have so much going on that you will not drop everything and run to a guy as soon as there’s a guy in the picture. And it’s not about playing hard-to-get, it’s about being hard-to-get. 

So fill your life up with things that make you happy, have a lot of friends, and pursue your passions. Having passions is what makes you feel alive. People are drawn to passionate people because they inspire us.

Pursuing your passion gives you that spark, charge, and feeling of okay: this is what I was meant to do in this world. And it helps build your self-esteem because you feel like you’re activating your potential, and you’re living that potential. 

This is so important in the realm of relationships. After all, you’re not relying on a man to make you feel good because you have so many other things in your life that make you feel good. So, pursue your passions make more time for them like; 

“My passion is writing and whenever I make time to write and express myself in that way I feel alive. It fills me up, and it charges me.

So find what it is for you: there is so much there. If you don’t have a passion yet, you can experiment with cooking or baking or art or volunteering or learning a new language or reading more books and poems or trying to write a poem and find something that connects you to your essence and do that a lot. 

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2. Don’t Invest Too Soon:

You don’t win a man over by completely investing in him and just completely committing yourself to him right away. Because this does not inspire a man to commit to you. If anything does: it makes you come across as desperate and needy, and this will push him away, and he’ll find it very unattractive. 

Don’t invest in him until he has invested in you. Keep yourself one case behind him in the relationship, and don’t prioritize him until he has made you a priority, and don’t treat him like your boy. And if you are not yet his girlfriend and official then, you are free to date other people.

If a guy really likes you and he senses that he could lose you to some other guy, he will step up, snatch you, and claim you as his real quick. This is why it’s so important to do that if you just completely commit to him, and you’re just all in. 

He has no motivation to change anything about your relationship or your situation for whatever it is: you have going on because why would he; as humans, we want to put in the bare minimum and get the maximum reward. And that’s what you’re giving him here, and he will not chase you if you are just right there. You have to continue living your life and not putting your all into the relationship, hoping that inspires him to want you back and to want to treat you the same way.

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3. Stop Trying To Win Him Over:

Most women caught up in trying to win him over and show him how amazing they are so that he’ll fall for them, and it just becomes all about him; 

  • What’s he thinking? 
  • What’s he feeling? 
  • Does he like me? 
  • How does he feel about me? 

And they analyze and obsess. Shift your focus instead of obsessing over “Does he like me?” Change your focus into;

  • Do I like him? 
  • Is he worthy of me? 
  • Can he enhance my life? 

And try to look at him from that lens instead when you’re with him. Stop analyzing your behavior and his behavior and seeing every little thing he did that may indicate he does like you, or he doesn’t like you, and how he feels?

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Just be present at the moment, and engage with him, and try to connect to him. Because if you’re engaging with those worrying thoughts in your head, and you’re not present and not there then, you can’t form a connection with someone. 

You’re in your own frenzied worried thoughts, and you’re not present with him, so you won’t even know what it is that you have because you’re not even there for it. It’s important to step out of that and focus on this heat, good enough for you. That’s it tries to think of it in those terms and blocks everything else out.

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4. Leave Him Wanting More:

The best way to get him to chase you is: if he always wants more of you and if you were always just right there. You’re always texting back the second when he texts you, you’re always free to talk when he wants to talk to you, and you’re always available for a date when he wants to go on a date with you. 

There is no chase and no pursuit because you’re just all in. It creates a lot of intrigue and excitement when he has to work a little harder for your time and your attention, and you are a valuable woman, so he should work a little bit for you.

Don’t hand yourself right over to him because he shows a little interest in you if you do: what I suggested earlier about having a full amazing life then will naturally happen because you naturally will be busy with other things. And you won’t just abandon everything as soon as he wants to see you or talk to you, so it’s important to be mindful of these things. 

Also, in the early stages of a relationship, it’s so easy to get so sucked into it, and you’re texting all day long, and you’re just kind of always going back and forth. Don’t be afraid to leave the conversation first because it creates intrigue and leaves him wanting more. Also, don’t answer questions before he’s even asked them as he says in the text; 

“How was your day?”  

And you give them a whole long dissertation, so don’t do that; let him learn about you slowly.

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5. Don’t Talk Yourself Up Excessively: 

Don’t do this: it comes across as desperate, and it just makes you look dramatic, over-the-top, and crazy. Why guys ghosted you? It’s because that’s something that you did, and it ties into trying to prove yourself to someone because that’s not alluring.

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Just showing him exactly who you are right away, it’s so much more exciting to discover someone slowly, so let him discover you. You don’t need to show him everything right away: he’ll get there, you’ll get there eventually, he’ll see your big heart, and how smart you are, and all those things about yourself and trust that he will. And you don’t need to just spell it all out for him loud and clear, it’s just too much.

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6. Use Your Walking Power:

Walking power is not something that you say out loud. It is a belief that you carry internally and says if this relationship isn’t: what I want? I have no problem walking away, and that’s it. You don’t say it out loud, you don’t give out ultimatums or threats. It’s just something internally: you’re not relying on this guy for your self-esteem and to make you feel good about yourself. If he doesn’t treat you right, that’s it: you’re okay with leaving.

Only needy people settle for bad relationships and poor treatment because they feel like they deserve it. And a man doesn’t chase a needy woman, and he’s not afraid of losing a needy woman because she needs it too much. A man pursues and is afraid of losing a woman who has standards and who values herself because he knows that if he doesn’t treat her right, she’s gonna leave, and if he likes her, that’s not what he wants. So he’s gonna step up and give her that amazing treatment here is very important that you need to remind yourself if you fall into that fear of losing the guy.

You need to tell yourself more than you need to:

“I’ll be fine; it doesn’t matter: what if it works, or if it doesn’t.”

Maybe you don’t genuinely believe that maybe you feel like the world is gonna end: if this guy loses interest in you, and if you can’t hold his interest. So just keep telling it to yourself because if the more you tell it to yourself, the more it will become wired in, and the more you genuinely will start to believe it. 

Don’t cling to him desperately, hoping he’ll save you from something because that is so unhealthy, and he can’t do that for you. Try to enjoy him, enjoy being with him, and if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay, I’ll be fine.

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7. Be A High-Value Woman:

Men chase high-value women who don’t need them because he wants to feel like he’s enhancing your life. He does not want to feel like this woman is gonna fall to pieces unless I validate her constantly throughout the day, and she needs me to feel okay. 

Nobody wants the responsibility of being in charge of someone’s entire emotional well-being, and it’s not his job, that’s your job. You determine your worth in this world it doesn’t come from; 

  • How many people follow you on Instagram? 
  • What quality types of guys like you? 
  • How many compliments do you receive on a given day? 

Determine your worth: you do this by what you put up with, how you allow people to treat you? You set the standard for that; this isn’t always easy, so fake it until you make it act like a confident woman who values herself, and then you will become that a good way to do it. That is to just ask yourself; 

  • What a confident woman settles for a guy who treats her badly? 
  • What makes a confident woman stay with a guy who says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship in the hopes that he’ll change his mind? 
  • And what makes a confident woman fall to pieces because a guy loses interest in her or decides days want to be with her? 

A confident woman will never say;

“Okay, he’s just another, not the right guy for me.”

A confident woman would say; 

“He doesn’t want a relationship with me: I’m okay leaving this situation and finding someone who can give me what I want.” 

Confident people don’t put up with things that they don’t want, and this is why they so often get what it is they do want, and things work out for them for the most part. So decide right now that you are a competent high-value woman: if you don’t believe it acts the part, it will become a part of you in time.

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