How To Make A Capricorn Man Miss You

How To Make A Capricorn Man Miss You

Top secrets to get a Capricorn man miss you and obsessed over you. Capricorns are among some of the best partners of the zodiac that they are loyal, caring, dependable, and empathetic, and that is just to name a few. So if you can be patient enough and have the ability to break down their walls. Consider yourself lucky because many have tried and many have failed.

1. You Must Be Satisfied With Yourself: 

This is possibly one of the easiest ways to make a Capricorn obsessed with you, miss you, and want to be around you. A Capricorn likes to surround themselves with people who are happy, and who are enjoying life, and someone who can enjoy their own company. Because Capricorns can enjoy our own company, but don’t want your world to revolve around us. 

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Create your own happiness, and have your own identity before you, even try to involve yourself with a Capricorn because nothing would make us happier than seeing you. And having the time of your life getting: what you have to get done being ambitious, and live in your best life, making your life fulfilled. So you can come into our lives and fulfill our lives and being satisfied with yourself kind of goes back to what I always emphasize about Capricorns wanting our freedom.

They want to be with someone who knows how to create their own, and be happy in their own company, and show a Capricorn that you do not have to have our attention 100% of the time.

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2. Don’t Be Clingy: 

Not only will a Capricorn appreciate this, but it will also make us build up curiosity about you. It’s okay to hold back with the Capricorn at first, give us time to miss you, don’t give up all your game at once, keep something for later, keep us intrigued and guessing. Capricorn’s would be interested, and it makes everything exciting for both Capricorn males and females. 

They like to be in control naturally, so they do tend to attract those: who let us be in control and take the lead depending on the Capricorn. They will love this, they would love to be the one who makes the shots, who has all the control, but for some of us, it is more exciting if you make it if you make us wander and for you to take the lead and for you to be in control. And it will make him crave you and want to be around you, even more, you will slowly see a Capricorn wanting your attention and missing you more and more by keeping us on our toes.

Try turning the tables on your Capricorn unexpectedly, and see how Capricorn will react, but let you know that more than likely your Capricorn will love it. You don’t want a Capricorn to get bored with you, and no one wants to be with someone or want to give their attention to someone who gives too much too soon.

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3. Being Spontaneous: 

It’s also to show a Capricorn how spontaneous you are. Capricorns are naturally not spontaneous people but don’t mind. So as cliche as it sounds sending your Capricorn “A good morning text in the morning” and just leaving it at that you don’t have to text throughout the day; 

“Hey, how are you doing?” 

You don’t have to do that. 

Just say; 

“Good morning, or have a nice day or something as simple as that we’ll get a Capricorn intrigue, and start to think about you.” 

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It doesn’t have to be constant when you’re starting, but you can let up some when it comes to a Capricorn, but don’t be too laid-back. Let your presence be known, and do little things that will show a Capricorn honest person, and then they would start missing you and just want to be around you. 

So make your presence known without being too overbearing.

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4. Be A Capricorns Friend: 

If you’re interested in them, or if you want to be in a serious relationship then, it’s okay to approach them on a friendship level. Capricorns are cautious people, so coming from a friend angle will do you justice. Because you don’t want to run your Capricorn often, you don’t want us to get the wrong idea, or don’t want the wrong response from a Capricorn. 

So approach with caution to show that you generally truly care about us through a friendship level. First approaching a Capricorn: this way would keep things light-hearted without adding pressure to the relationship or putting pressure on the Capricorn of your expectations because Capricorns don’t like pressure.

So don’t put pressure on him, stay light-hearted and be his friend. Once he is comfortable around you, you will start to see him opening up more and more and show you his vulnerable side.

First, you want them to be considerate of your feelings because Capricorn men are good at hiding their feelings. So approaching a Capricorn man: this way will probably be your best bet also you build upon your relationship and deep connection with him. 

You will see more and more: how much the Capricorn man wants to be around you, and how much time that he wants to spend with you? So being a Capricorn friend is also an important step to make a Capricorn obsessed to the point that he misses you.

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5. Give Him The Chance To Miss And Want To Be Around You: 

Capricorn men don’t like showing their feelings, but they are great at missing someone. So being available for a Capricorn is not always okay at all. It shows that you can survive, have fun, and have the ability to do things on your own accomplish things before you want to involve a Capricorn. He wants to see that you have something going on for yourself because they have enough projects going on. So they need something for you to occupy your time.

Many Capricorns want to be with someone who was a go-getter, or who has the ambition, or who has something going from this for themselves. They are not attracted to clingy people who are dependent emotionally on them. Because they have enough emotions to go around for everyone. They are trying to keep control of their own emotions. Because they can’t deal with doors either, especially when they are still getting to know you.

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