How To Give Him Space So He Misses You And Comes Back

How To Give Him Space So He Misses You And Comes Back

How to give a guy space, so he misses you and comes back? And your relationship is better and stronger than ever. It usually happens that you’re seeing a guy and everything seems to be going well. But then, all of a sudden, he’s not texting you as often, he doesn’t want to see you as much, and even when you’re with him. Something just feels off, he’s just not as excited by you anymore, and you just feel this wall between you.

Try to figure out:

“What you can do to get this guy back and get things back on track.”

It’s a miserable situation to be in at the heart of it. You’re afraid of losing him, but your fear may cause you to unintentionally push him away. Instead of bringing him closer, which is what you want. That’s what happens when you don’t know;

“How to give a guy space the right way?”

Why Men Sometimes Need Space In A Relationship?

Why Men Sometimes Need Space In A Relationship

A man will take space in a relationship if he’s feeling stressed. It could be due to something that’s happening in the relationship, or it could have something that has nothing to do with their relationship. Men prefer to deal with their problems with emotional, turmoil, and difficulty on their own. They retreat to the metaphorical man cave to figure it out. And then they prefer to come back into the relationship when they’re feeling strong and on top of their game. 

One misconception here is that he’s spending his time sitting around, strategizing, and figuring out a plan to solve his problems, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, he might immerse himself in video games or sports or work or something else that has nothing to do with the problem. And just doing that is enough to help him get to a solution. Sometimes, just clearing your head is part of the process of solving problems. So you might think;

“Oh! he’s ignoring me, and all he’s doing is playing video games.”

Maybe he just needs that space to mentally unwind, clear his mind completely, and get lost in something else. So that he can come back a little more clear-headed and deal with whatever’s bothering him.

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It’s also possible that he’s taking his face, and he’s pulling away because he’s losing interest in you, or you did something that’s causing him to back away. Maybe, if eyes got into a fight and it got nasty, or you’ve been acting a little clingy, needy, and desperate, which is just a little too much for him, and he just needs a breather. This is what you do to get him back and get your relationship back on track.

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What Not To Do When A Guy Take Space:

What Not To Do When A Guy Take Space

Do Not Chase After Him: 

Your instinct is to chase a guy you like, and he’s pulling away. You want him back, so you chase after him. You don’t need to spell this out for you; why this is a bad idea chasing because it is not a good thing and attractive. This way think about all the times in your life where you’ve been upset, and somebody just infringed upon your space. Maybe, it was your mom, or siblings, or your friends, or you’re upset about something. And they keep coming at you with what’s wrong with you,

“You’re sad: leave me alone, get away from me, I don’t want to talk about it, I just need my space.”

It’s almost like violating when people come at you, or you’re just in this, or you’re not having it, or you just need time to be on your own. So that’s typically how men feel most of the time when they’re emotionally off-balance, his instinct isn’t to. Just talk about it, and share his feelings. It’s really important not to inundate him with calls and texts. Don’t try to win him over with romantic gestures or by seducing him. These aren’t necessarily bad things, but if he’s in a place where he needs space then, these are bad things that become another source of stress in his life, and he’s trying to get away from them. So don’t chase him out ever under any circumstances.

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Don’t Obsess Over It:

I know that obsessing can feel productive because you’re spinning your wheels and your thinking. It feels like taking you somewhere but taking you nowhere. It’s only taking you to insanity bail and makes you crazy. There is no benefit to obsessing, don’t reply to your last interactions with him. Try and figure out what you did wrong? And this is something that a lot of women tend to do, even if they might be dealing with something that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

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Don’t do these obsessing activities about your fears and insecurities. Because this is just not good energy to be around you. Don’t want to be that ball of anxiety that’s just walking around nobody likes sleeping around that energy. It doesn’t serve you and feels good when you obsess about something ever, rather, it feels horrible. So don’t engage in those thoughts, remember you’re in control of your mind. A lot of people don’t realize this but if thoughts come in that makes you feel bad. Just banish those thoughts, not always the easiest thing, but you can’t choose to redirect your energy or engage with thoughts that feel good.

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Do Not Beg, Plead Or Threaten: 

Again, this comes down to infringing upon somebody’s personal space. It’s a really bad feeling if somebody wants space. You need to respect what they need. Don’t beg him or try to make him feel guilty about the fact that he’s not talking to you. Don’t text him constantly for updates on what’s going on, and how much longer is he gonna be taking space? Instead, let him know that you’re there for him if he wants to talk, and then leave it alone.

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You don’t need to keep texting and reminding him that you exist like: “Hey! I’m still here if you need to talk.” He knows where to find you and leave them alone. Don’t make him feel bad about going back.

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What Should You Do When A Man Needs Space?

What Should You Do When A Man Needs Space

Get Your Fears Under Control:

This is the most important advice when it comes not just to relationships, but your life in general essentially. You’re afraid of losing him not just because, which means that he won’t be in your life anymore. But it will also mean a loss of a part of yourself and a lot of the time. Especially, women attach their sense of worth to their relationship status. And if the relationship is failing then, their sense of worth, self-esteem, and feelings of love ability start to plummet. They feel like they’re on-worthy when they can’t manage to keep a guy around or make a relationship work. They take all that responsibility onto themselves.

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So this is a big problem, and this is what causes you to feel such fear and panic as soon as the guy starts to withdraw a little bit. It’s because you’re afraid if he leaves, you won’t be okay, and you won’t be able to move on without him and feel good about yourself without this relationship it’s not about him. Most of the time it’s about you. So it’s important to recognize where these fears are coming from to address them. And to work on those feelings of self-worth within yourself that are independent of being in a relationship. 

It’s also important to remember that no man wants to feel like a woman to emotional well-being depends on him. This is suffocating energy and something that can cause a man to pull away and take space. If he feels like she just needs too much from me that will cause him to pull away. So it’s important, not to ever let your emotions. Just spill onto the relationship to the degree that he needs to clean them up.

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Just Give Him Space: 

Men prefer to think rather than talk. You need to remember that space is a good thing in a relationship. It gives you both the room to recalibrate and get back to yourselves. Focus on yourselves, not focus on the relationship, which gives you the chance to miss each other. So you come to appreciate each other even more space is like; this dreaded work in the relationship. But it can be a really good thing for you.

So, when a man starts pulling away, or withdrawing, or seems to be taking space. Just let him have it graciously, that’s something that a lot of men will appreciate because they know that this kind of thing is hard for most women. You may be wondering;

“What does he need to think about? Why does he need all this space to think?”

It could be anything maybe, he’s stressed at work, or his finances, or in debt, or family issues, or mentally struggling, or experiencing, or insomnia, whatever it is. He’s struggling with something in the relationship, which is not always something independent of the relationship.

The point is, it’s an issue something’s bothering him. He’s not ready to open up and share all about it with you just at this moment. So the best thing you can do is just respect what it is that he needs. It’s a really important thing in a relationship to respect what our partners need. Just let them have the space to deal with whatever it is that he needs to deal with.

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A way you have a guy space it, and this is you come back is to focus on yourself. Most people do the opposite of this. Instead, they obsess about him; what he’s doing? What he’s thinking? How is he feeling? This you can never know; what he’s thinking? What he’s feeling? And also who cares to focus on you. This is a great chance for you to be a little selfish, indulgent, engaged, and self-care that’s like all the rage. It’s a chance for you to get back to being your best self honestly. There’s no finish line when it comes to being our best self. It is a lifelong process and something that is always working on. 

So this is your opportunity. You have a little space from the relationship, you can just focus on yourself for a while. And that’s not an attractive thing to sitting around, worrying, obsessing, and stuck with him on social media. It creates a very yucky vibe, and it’s not attractive to be around somebody like this.

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