He Thinks About You A Lot More Than You Know

20 Signs He Thinks About You A Lot More Than You Know

So, I’m guessing that you’re here because you’re seeing a guy. It could be casual, a little bit more serious, and you suspect that you might like him a little more than he likes you. Maybe, you think he does really like you, but you’re not sure. Maybe, you just want to know where his head is at and how he feels? Or maybe, you’re trying to protect yourself from being blindsided by a breakup either way.

We are going to tell you our proven and researched ways to know that a guy does like you that he is on the same page as you, or he is serious about you, or he is thinking about you a lot. You must know what all of these signs are because you can’t look at things individually. You have to take this list as a whole, and you have to look at whether he does most of these things most of the time.

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1. His People Know All About You:

When a guy likes you, he introduces you to his friends and his family. You will see that light of recognition in their eyes like;

“Oh, so you’re Sarah, nice to meet you.”

However, if they have never heard of you before. So you can see a completely blank expression on their face like; “Oh! hi! how lovely to meet you.”

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Not only will they recognize this, as if you know he’s been telling them about you. They know things about you like; What are you studying? What do you do for a living? 

The reasons they know things about you are:

  • He’s talking about you a lot.
  • He thinks about you a lot.
  • He cares about you.
  • You’re somebody that he sees as being a part of his life for the long term.

2. He’s Reminded Of You Often: 

When we like someone, literally everything, even the most obscure things remind us of them. And because of that, you might hear from him throughout the day. He might send you funny jokes, or funny memes, or interesting articles. He thinks that you’ll enjoy it, he might send you ridiculous tweets, he comes across on Twitter, or crazy conspiracy theories on Reddit. 

Whatever it is he comes across just reminds him of you. Maybe he finds something funny, he just wants to share it with you,  or he finds something interesting and wants to share it with you. Either way, you’re always on his mind. So throughout the day, he’s just coming up with reasons to reach out to you and to talk to you.

When a guy isn’t into you, it means he can forget about you for days. And then all of a sudden, you know he’ll see your Instagram story and be like;

“Oh! I forgot about her.”

Yeah, maybe you should reach out to a guy who does really like you and is thinking about you a lot. He is consistent,  and he consistently reaches out to you and wants to see you. So this is a really important sign to watch out for.

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3. He’s Genuinely Happy To See You:

It’s very easy to spot a man in love or in love on his way to having those feelings. You can just see it in the way, he is around the woman in his facial expression. In the way that he completely lights up, he just has this look of ease and happiness. 

You can always spot, even a perfect stranger,  you don’t even know this person. You can only spot from across the room when a guy likes a girl. Here’s something really important to understand about men. Men don’t fall in love with a woman because he checks a certain amount of boxes on his list. Surely, every man has his preferences, but that’s not really what does it to a man. 

What makes a man fall in love is the way he feels when he’s around her and usually, if he feels really good around her. He would like to be around her even more because he wants more of that feeling. If he’s not with her, he thinks about her constantly, misses her, and craves her.

Most men don’t usually go out to commit. They kind of just starting around and what often happens is a guy will be dating around.  Whatever, not trying to force anything to happen, he meets the amazing woman he enjoys her presence. He loves being around her and wants to be around her more.

So they spend more time together and as time goes by he just can’t imagine his life without her. Before he knows, he’s fully committed himself to her. So you’ll know how he feels about you based on the way he reacts when he’s around you. He wants to be around you all the time, and he’s crazy about you.

4. He Remembers Things About You: 

One way to know the specific things is that if someone likes you, they remember things about you. This is even more apparent with a guy who’s super flaky in general. When a guy likes you, he archives all that data because he wants to make you happy. But if a guy is not into you then, he wants to wing you over.

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He remembers the details when he likes you because that information is so important to him. So his brain stores it right at the forefront, which means he remembers what you were wearing that night.

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5. He Follows Your Social Media Accounts:

Don’t put too much weight on this one, you have to look at the whole list. This doesn’t count if a guy like isn’t on Instagram, Twitter isn’t into social media. People look way too much at social media to see how someone feels and it’s not the most accurate measure again.

You have to take this in context with everything else in the list, and if a guy follows you or friends you that doesn’t mean anything. This means a little bit more is if he is engaged with your account if he likes you. And he is someone who’s into social media, which he’ll engage with your account, leave comments, like, respond to your stories.

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He won’t just be a passive observer,  he may even just mention in conversation like; “Oh! You know that restaurant you went to the other night, the look that you posted on your story looked amazing, and you know how the food is.” He might bring things like that up. So you know that he’s like watching and thinking about what’s going on in your life and what you’re up to now.

If a guy isn’t so into social media then, all of a sudden, he gets into it after he meets you, and you know he creates an account. He starts using his account and using it to interact with you more which is an even bigger sign that he likes you. When we like someone, or we meet someone that sparks our interest. We just want to know more and more, and we can’t get enough and want to fill in the gaps and know everything about them.

6. He Goes Out Of His Way To Make You Happy: 

Men love a happy woman, and they love being the reason that a woman smiles. This is a huge motivator for a man even more than that. It’s one of the main determining factors into whether or not a guy will want to commit to you. Because if a guy doesn’t feel like he can make a woman happy, he won’t want to be with her. It doesn’t matter how amazing she is.

Guys want a happy woman, and they want to be with a woman who they can make happy. So if he tries to make you happy if that’s important to him then, it means he does care about you. Hopefully, you know you aren’t too hard on him, and he can make you happy. And if a guy gets it wrong another thing, you should realize is that men appreciate when you give them directions in a loving way as to how to make you happy.

So the right way to do this is not by saying you know like;

“Why don’t you ever send me text randomly during the day?”

This is a great way to motivate a man like;

“You know I love it when you text me randomly throughout the day, it makes me so happy, you should see the smile on my face when I hear from you in the middle of a workday.”

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7. He Helps You Or Steps Up For You:

If you are facing some kind of problem. You got stuck in your work, or maybe, you are not financially strong, so that is a sign that he can help you.

“What can he do for you?”

Everything he possibly can. When a guy tries to

“Find time for his woman out of his busy day.”

It shows a great sign that he has good and loving feelings for her in his heart.

8. He Wants To Know Everything About You: 

When we light someone, we can’t stop thinking about them and want to know everything. We are so curious a lot of people are usually just waiting for their turn to talk. But when a guy likes you, he just can’t get enough of what you have to say, he wants to know all about you. He wants to know your whole story, the whole history, every scar, every scratch everything when you like someone.

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Your mind is just on them all the time. We just have this desperate need to know everything. This is why you know we stalk people online which means everyone does it not in a sinister way. Hopefully, you just want to know more, we google them and check out their social media accounts. We just want to fill in all the blanks and want to know everything about them.

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9. He Shares Himself With You:

In addition to wanting to know everything about you. He will also reveal things about him, but not the things that you can just easily find on social media or the internet. He’ll reveal the real him, the person behind the surface-level mask that he wears out in the world, and this isn’t an easy thing for most guys to do. So if a guy does this with you, it’s because you are special and important to him. He likes you and by doing this, he’s investing in you.

10. He Values Your Opinion:

He doesn’t just decide things and tell you after the fact. He makes your factors and decisions into his life, and he cares and respects what you have to say. This is how you know someone thinks and cares about you. You are the main thought, not just an afterthought. He doesn’t just do what he wants to do and then just assumes that you’ll be fine with it and not care. If you’re not fine with it, if a guy has that take it or leave it attitude, then he’s just not so into you.

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11. You Have Inside Jokes:

This is another one that needs to be taken into context with the entire list. Because sometimes you can have just flirty types of relationships with people that don’t go beyond flirty banter, or maybe a hook up here and there.

So again take the whole list into context, but if a guy likes you is thinking about you have some cute inside jokes and little nicknames for each other. He might also playfully tease you and be a little extra flirty with you. These are all signs that he is into you.

12. He Craves Your Touch:

Men are physical creatures. When a guy likes you, he will need to touch you. Hopefully, not inappropriately and if you like him, it ensures that you appreciate his touches. It could be over it, accidental on-purpose touches like;

“A high five that lingers a little too long, or pulling a strand of hair off of your sweater.”

Either way, you’ll notice that he’s always finding ways to touch you.

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13. He Is Focused On You:

When you’re talking to him, he doesn’t look at his phone or his watch or tries to edge away from the conversation. He is locked in focused on you. You’ll notice even in his body language when he’s talking to you.

“His eyes are focused on you, his body is angled towards you, his feet are pointed towards you.”

That is the only place he wants to be, he is not thinking about anything else, and that’s just how it is.

14. His Behavior Suddenly Changed When You Just Showed Up:

A guy’s behavior tells a lot about how he feels towards you, but also about how much he thinks about you. And for that reason, try to notice his behavior once you appear. He will become very happy, joyful, and excited every time you show. Because the person he is thinking about and shows joy and smiling are you. And the more excited and happy he’ll be the more evidence you have that he is thinking of you constantly a lot more than you know.

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15. He Tells You He’s Been Thinking About You:

This one sounds like an obvious one, but there’s something you have to be aware of. If he says he’s been thinking about you, but he doesn’t do anything to back up, which means he disappears for days or weeks at a time. You catch him flirting with some other girl, but then he says to you

“Oh! Baby, I was just thinking about you.”

Then his words are meaningless.

You have to look at the talk because cheap actions tell the story of how he feels. So if he tells you he’s been thinking about you, and he shows through his actions by being consistent and trying to make you happy. Remembering things you can believe him that he does mean what he’s saying and thinking about you a lot? One of the most important things to realize about men is that men typically communicate through actions more than words.

16. He Thinks You’re Hilarious:

When we like someone, we just tend to get a case of hysterics. Even if they’re not saying anything particularly funny. We just can’t help but giggle and laugh. It’s the same for men as it is for women. You might just find everything you say charming, adorable, and hilarious.

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17. He Takes An Interest In Your Interests:

He listens to your favorite band, reads your favorite book, and watches your favorite movie. He might not like all the things that you like, but he will take an interest in the things that you like. Because he wants to immerse himself in your world to find more avenues through which to connect with you so that you can build a relationship.

He also may want to introduce you to the things that he’s interested in. He’ll share his favorite books, movies, and hobbies with you. Because this is just another way to connect and bring you further into his world.

18. He Makes You A Priority: 

This is a big question a lot of women ask;

“How do I get him to treat me like a priority?”

Because it comes up so often. But the point is if a guy likes you, he will make you a priority because you will be a priority. You will be first or at least second, which means you’ll probably alternate between first and second. Because you can’t always come first, sometimes other things come ahead, whatever has to come first but you will be up there.

He’s not constantly going to be bumping you off the list and prioritizing other things. You’re important to him, and he lets you know through his words and actions.

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19. You Just Know He’s Crazy About You Deep Down:

You already know the truth whenever women come and ask;

“Does he like me? How does he not like me? Is he not into me? Is he serious about me?”

Most of the time, they already know the truth, they just kind of need to hear it from someone else. But sometimes, they wish they’re wrong, and they seek out someone else. Maybe, they overlooked something, or this other person wants to hear, but either way deep down.

When a guy likes you, maybe your insecurities, fears, and past traumas are getting in the way. And that’s why you’re questioning things, or maybe deep down that, he’s not feeling it as much as you are. Either way, you know what’s up. So just be honest with yourself and listen to what your instincts and guts are?

20. You Inadvertently Think About Them:

You see their symbols everywhere. When you’re at work, with your family, or friends, you see their signs and reminders wherever you go. No matter how hard and effort you try, you can’t get them out of your mind. The simple truth is, he has a relationship with you by thinking a lot about you. How many times have you texted him to tell him that you are thinking about him? And in response by saying that he is also thinking about you too.

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