He Is Just Not Into You

15 Signs He’s Just Not Into You

Several signs that a guy doesn’t like you, and he’s just not into you. What a guy feels about you can be extremely frustrating. You like this guy, and you want to know that he likes you back. Sometimes, it seems like he does, but a lot of the times it seems like he doesn’t, and you just have no idea where you stand with this guy?

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How to know if a guy does like you? Sometimes he does act like, he likes you, and you hold on to those things that he does. Those texts that he sends and the nice things that he says to you. You grab on to them, and you hold on to them for dear life and use them as proof that you are not crazy. He does like you, this is a real relationship, and you are gonna make this work no matter what you have to do.

Other times a guy does like you, he just doesn’t like you enough to want to be in a relationship with you. And this is where it gets confusing because he’s not letting you go. But he’s also not taking things in a meaningful direction. He’s just kind of in this relationship. No man’s land the beginning should just feel effortless and fun if what you have is stressful and drama-filled. You are just banging your head against the table, trying to figure out where this guy’s head is at, which is a big red flag that you are with a guy.

1. He’s Wishy-Washy: 

Some days, it seems like he is super into you, and he is obsessed with you. Other times, he disappears for days or weeks at a time, and you have no idea what’s going on with this guy? He only sees you on his time when he’s into you. He’s super into you when he wants to see you, but other times, he’s just not there, which is a clear sign that you’re just an option to him.

Guys love having options. No single guys love playing field seeing what’s out there. Until a girl comes along who blows them away. So, if that’s how he’s behaving that’s a pretty strong sign that he’s just not into you enough. But he still likes you and keeps you around. So essentially what’s going on here: he likes you, he just doesn’t like you enough to want to be in a relationship with you. But there is a spark of something there that he just doesn’t want to let go of just yet.

2. You Are Not A Busy Priority.: 

It means you’re not important enough to make time for because when a guy likes you he makes the time. It doesn’t matter how busy a schedule is or how slammed he is. He makes the time, and he pursues you when he is there.

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So, if a guy that you’re seeing casually, but he makes dates with you and then, just cancels at the last minute. You always feel like you’re maybe number three or number four on the priority list. You never make it to number one or even number two. It just feels like there’s always something more important to you. It feels like you’re putting in all the effort in the relationship to the point that you feel like it. If you stopped putting effort in, he would just fade away, and you would never see him again.

3. He Doesn’t Initiate Contact: 

When a guy likes you, he’s gonna pursue you, which means he’s gonna contact you. This also means that he texts you or maybe even calls you. These days it is a rarity, but it happens sometimes. It could even be if he sees you out. Maybe, you accidentally run into each other, he sees you at a party, he comes over to you, and he initiates conversation with you. And not only that he’s not looking for excuses to leave the conversation, but he also is there, and he’s present. If he’s always the one leaving the conversation first. Maybe, if you’re texting, he says: 

“Okay, I have to go to bed.” 

Or if you’re at a party he says:

“Oh! I have to go get another drink.”

He’s always the one exiting the conversation that’s a strong sign that he’s not into you.

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So when a guy is into you he does not need sleep, pee, another drink. He is just there, he is focused only on you, and he wants to drag that out as long as possible. The last thing you’re gonna do is leave a conversation when things are going well, and he’s into you. He is looking for reasons to get out of talking to you then, which means he’s probably not that into you.

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4. He Doesn’t Want A Relationship: 

If it’s a guy that you’re dating or hanging out with or whatever it is. He tailed you to your face, he does not want a relationship, or he’s not ready for a relationship. When he does that then, what should you do? You should thank him because that is a very gentlemanly thing to do, but most women don’t see it this way. Instead, what most women do is see this statement as an opening offer that’s up for negotiations. And she makes it her mission to change his mind and upgrade to relationship status and then, months down line. She is heartbroken when after putting in all this effort pouring her heart and soul into the relationship. He tells her again I just don’t want a relationship right now.

So the point is: When a guy says he doesn’t want a relationship. Believe him, take it at face value, if you want a relationship then, you should not be with that guy anymore. The reason he doesn’t want to give you another piece of it is that you never want to talk about the relationship. Try to bring it up, he makes a joke, or he deflects, or he says: 

“He just likes things as they are.” 

Because some guys aren’t gonna come out like they do the gentlemanly thing. Sometimes, a guy might be a little more on the fence a little more unsure. You don’t want to be with someone unsure about you, which means you want somebody sure about you who’s like; 

“Yes this is it, this girl is the one for me.” 

You don’t want to guys like; 

“I don’t know, maybe I just need more time, and you figure this out.”

If he’s just always deflecting and pushing you off then, that’s a strong sign he’s just not into you enough. Maybe, he’s just not in a place in his life where he can be in a relationship.

5. He Isn’t Interested In Learning About You:

When we like someone, we want to know every scar, scratch, and story and remember the details. If he just doesn’t seem that interested in learning about “who you are?” is a strong sign he’s just not that interested in you.

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Maybe, he’s attracted to you, he likes complimenting your appearance, but he doesn’t ask you any real meaningful questions about you. When a guy is interested in a woman, he shows interest in her, which means he’s interested in everything about her.

6. He Is Not Around: 

When a guy likes you. You just notice that he’s around if you’re dating, which means that he’s there. He’s texting you, making an effort, and his presence known. If this is a guy you’re just not sure does he like me or not? Or if he does like you, just find a way to be around you.

If you were in the same room, maybe, you’re at a party or out somewhere then, he’ll find a way to flow in your direction. He will be in your orbit, and he will find questions to ask you, or he will text you. The most random things that he could have texted anyone, but he’s just looking for excuses to talk to you. He’ll just find a reason to be close to you, and he’ll come up with something.

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7. He Doesn’t Care Who You’re Hanging Out With: 

If a guy likes you, this could be if you’re dating in a relationship. You want to be in a relationship with this guy, and you don’t know where you stand? So, if you’re in that situation basically, if he doesn’t care what guys you’re hanging out with or you mentioned like; 

“Oh! yeah, I was hanging out with John last week.” 

And it doesn’t even register to him there’s not even like a flicker of like jealousy or tension or being upset or anything it’s just a sign he’s not into you.

Men are competitive, and if you’re hanging out with guys, and you’re posting pictures of yourself with guys on your Instagram account. He raises his eyebrows, intrigued, and he wants to know what’s going on and who you’re hanging out with? If he’s not into you he’s just not gonna care. 

8. He Talks To You About Other Women: 

Don’t make things more complicated than they are. If he’s talking to you about other women then, it most likely means he just isn’t interested in dating you. Because a guy unless he’s like a real player.

You don’t want to date a guy like that anyway if he’s talking like this is something that. So much more complicated than they need to be. Sometimes, the most obvious answer is the correct answer.

9. He Treats You The Same As Everyone Else: 

How some guys are just flirty by nature, and they flirt with everyone. But if a guy likes you the way he flirts with you is gonna be different.

Guy likes you; the way he treats you differently, he’s different around you because you’re different from him. If he likes you, that’s a special thing, he doesn’t treat you the same as everyone else.

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10. He Doesn’t Open Up To You: 

If a guy likes you, he will show some vulnerability with you or some realness with you. He will take that mask down a little bit whatever degree is comfortable with and talk to you.

Let you in and let you learn about who he is. If a guy doesn’t do this then, it’s a strong sign that he just wants to keep this relationship at a casual surface level. It’s hard to open up and be vulnerable when you do this. You need to be aware of emotionally leaky people that are guys who just opened up to you about everything as soon as you meet them.

11. He Doesn’t Compliment You:

When a guy likes a girl, he is anxious to comment on her beauty. He wants her to know that he has observed and praised her power. Definitions of prevention indicate a lack of desire on his part.

12. He Doesn’t Laugh At Your Jokes:

When you like someone, you’ll probably laugh at jokes that don’t come off at all. Laughter is fun, so if he doesn’t appreciate your jokes, the red flag is raised.

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13. He Never Calls or texts you:

The text offers an easy and comfortable way to keep in touch with someone you are interested in. If it seems that no one is taking advantage of this advanced tool, he is probably focusing on someone else.

14. He Spends Less Time With You:

Guaranteeing a quick hangout may mean that what he is most excited about has come to light. Agreeing to reduce his time means he is not putting enough value on it. When a guy likes you he never wants to let you go. He will not want the conversation or date to end. When a guy rushes to say goodbye, he doesn’t like you.

15. You Just Know: 

When a guy likes you, it’s obvious you just know. If you feel like it, he doesn’t like you, and he’s not prioritizing you. Do you feel like he’s just not investing in you? It’s because he probably doesn’t like you usually. The truth is, ask yourself right now: 

“Is he on the same page as me in this relationship?” 

And wait for the answer, it’ll come to your gut. It will tell you what the answer is, you’ll feel it deep inside. So, if you don’t know how he feels about you, give that a try.

You have the absolute science that he doesn’t like you. It’s a hard pill to swallow, especially when our ego gets involved. But it’s so important to just recognize and accept the truth for what it is, and then even for yourself to move on to a guy who does like you.

So just save yourself all this mental energy and heartache, and just accept that; 

“If he doesn’t like me, that’s okay, I’ll be fine, I’ll find somebody who does love and appreciate me for who I am?” 

The best thing that you can do is, just focus on being your best self. If you do that then, you’ll attract the right guy for you, and then, there’s nothing else to think about. You already know;

“You’re living your most authentic life, you’re being your best self, you have found your happiness and relying on anyone to make you happy.” 

That’s all you can do.

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