Does He Like Me Or Is He Just Being Nice

Does He Like You Or Is He Just Being Nice?

Does he like you or is he just being nice or flirting with you? So many times where it just seems like a guy likes you, but you can’t tell because he’s not taking that next step. And you wonder maybe, he’s just being nice, but it seems like he likes me, and it’s just super confusing.

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There are different types of guys, some guys are just shy and insecure, some guys flirt with everyone that’s just their mood of being. Other guys are pretty confident in bold, but the problem is those guys can sometimes be confused with the flirty guys. So, it can be difficult to tell exactly how a guy feels, you don’t know, is this just his way of being, or does he like me?

He Acts Different Around You: 

If it’s a flirty type of guy, he will obviously flirt with you because that’s what he does. But the way he flirts with you will be different than the way he flirts with everyone else. So the point is he flirted differently with you: When a guy likes you he will treat you differently than he treats everyone else.

Body Language Cues: 

Body language does not lie to a guy, but his body language will tell you how he feels? When a guy likes you, he will angle his body towards you. You might notice he raises his eyebrows a little like that he will mirror your movement.

So, if you crossed his arms, he might cross his arms. If you cross him like he might cross your legs, don’t look into this too deeply, you’ll just look crazy. 

Some signs if you spot them then, you will know:

  • He might even match your tone of voice, your expressions mirroring.
  • He may also lick his lips.

So, don’t make yourself the biggest lunatic in it. Body language tells all that he will be fixed and focused on you. When a guy is just being nice, you might notice that; 

“He’s pleasant, but he’s kind of like looking around the room and seeing what else is out there.”

When a guy likes you, he is locked in on you.

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He Grooms Himself: 

This is also in the body language category, but you might notice: he salutes his tie, hair he adjusts his shirt. These are basically subconscious things that he does because he’s trying to look good to impress you. If a guy is just nice, he will not pay attention to any of these things.

He’ll Stare At You: 

When a guy likes you, he cannot take his eyes off of you. Men are very visual when there’s a woman that he likes. If he’s attracted and interested in you, he just won’t be able to pry his eyes away. Or if you’re dealing with the shy type of guy, he might look away and then look back, but he will still be focused on you. If a guy is just being nice, he’ll be looking at what’s around you. Because he’s scoping out the area to find other girls that he might be interested in.

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He Will Support You: 

Truly in everything that you do. There will be a boy who will tell you that you can do whatever you want. It will be the voice that keeps you from giving up your dreams. He will help you when you doubt yourself. Even if you break up, it will help you pick up the broken pieces of your heart and soul. He will bring them back together and make you stronger than ever.

He Accidentally On Purpose Touches You: 

Men are physical, when a guy likes a woman, he is physically attracted to her, and he cannot help her by touching her. This should hopefully be in an innocent way, not in an overly aggressive kind of way. The confident guy might be a little bolder. Maybe, he will stroke your arm with a little bit more intention. However, a shy type of guy might just pick up a pair of hairs from your shirt. Maybe, you will high-five, and he’ll let that high-five a little longer than you would normally let a high-five linger for.

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The point is: he’ll want to touch you, and if you touch him. You may be; put your arm on him, he won’t reflexively flinch away, he’ll be receptive and warm and open to that touch.

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He’s Nervous Around You: 

This is a no-brainer, if a guy likes you, he feels nervous around you because he likes you, and he wants to impress you. However, a shy guy might just be a little bit nervous around everyone. So you have to take it into context with the rest of the sides. But, even the confident guy will get a little nervous, he’ll be a little bit more fidgety than he normally would.

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You will just pay attention to the way a guy interacts with other people. The way he interacts with you, and you’ll see the comparisons if he likes you. If he’s just being nice, he will treat you like he treats everybody else. It has been scientifically proven that men lose their minds when they are talking to a woman. It has a measurable impact on their cognitive function. So, even the suavest confident guy won’t be able to hide it if he does like you and finds you attractive.

He Wants To Know Your Full Story: 

When we like someone, we can’t get enough, and we want to know everything about them. We ask questions and remember all the details. So, if a guy is digging in and wants to know all about you, it’s a sign that he does like you. If a guy is just being nice, he won’t care, and he’ll probably make generic conversation. He asks you some nice questions because he’d be nice, and he’s being polite, but he won’t dig in there. And also you might notice that he forgets things that you have talked about like he might ask you:

“What do you do for a living?”

Even though you’ve told him three times that’s because when we like someone, the areas of our brain that are associated with memory light up. And we’re able to store that information because we consider that to be important information. Whereas if it’s somebody that you’re not romantically interested in you. Just kind of gets filtered with all the rest of the stuff that you don’t find that important.

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He Keeps Up With Your Social Media:

Some guys are just not into social media, and some just don’t even have Instagram profiles and don’t even remember their Facebook password. So you have to keep this in context. If this is a social media guy, and he likes you then, he will be keeping up with their social media.

You’ll notice that; he might comment, like, and bring up things that he found on your social media pages personal. He might say: 

“Wow! It was amazing to tell you about the trip you took to Costa Rica.”

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Or he might bring things up. You have to take it into context with the rest of the signs and all. So how much is he paying attention to what you’re posting on social media? Also, especially; if you post anything involving another guy, he’ll probably try to dig into that a little bit and figure out who this guy is and who his competition is?

It’s Obvious Above All: 

When a guy likes you, it’s obvious usually knows the answer. All you can do is be your best self, bring your best to the table, this is something that you work on internally. And if you’re single that’s the best time to work on yourself and build yourself up. If you do that, and you give a guy some green light signals then, letting him know that he won’t be shot down. If he approaches you, and he does as he’ll pursue you. If he doesn’t then, there’s nothing more you could have done.

Men are not trying to trick you or deceive you. It goes against a man’s nature to see an opportunity to be with a woman he likes and not take it. It isn’t as confusing as it can feel, the simplest explanation is: 

“If a guy likes you, he’ll take it to the next level, he will pursue you or get your number. If all you get from this guy is flirty banter then, he’s just being nice.”

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If he’s doing some of these signs, it means that he is a little bit interested, but maybe he’s not fully sure. He’s just trying to figure it out, and he doesn’t know if he likes you enough to want to ask you out and take it to the next level. Don’t obsess over it, and don’t be upset about it. Just live your life, and do not try to win him over and bend over backward. Try to be whatever he wants, just be the authentic quality that he is the right man for you that will suffice.

It’s also very important to take note of how you feel around him when you’re with a guy? You feel insecure and unstable in the relationship and. It will not feel good to you when a guy likes you. It feels good if you’re sitting around through her girlfriends obsessing and analyzing like: 

“How he feels and his behavior and what’s going on?”

It is a clear sign that he is not in you enough to want to be in a real relationship with you. Maybe he likes you enough to hang out or hook up with you. He just doesn’t like you so much that you want to take him to something more serious.

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