Boyfriend Plays Video Games And Ignores You

Boyfriend Plays Video Games And Ignores You | What To Do?

People constantly argue that if this is your situation then you need to think about it. After all, no addiction, alcohol, or gambling will make it worse? Even if your “boyfriend plays video games too much and ignores you”. 

At least he’s at home with you and “out of drinking”.

Still, can’t find peace?

How Do You Know If Your Boyfriend Is Addicted To Video Games?

How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Is Addicted To Video Games

  • They may be playing games instead of attending their job.
  • They will play all night and often ruin their sleep.
  • Sex and nighttime conversations will be affected.
  • They wouldn’t like to talk about their moods and feelings.
  • They will not consider the couple’s therapist for their gaming obsession.
  • They will permanently break their promises to spend more time with you.
  • Whenever you bring up the issue of their gaming compulsion, so they lash at you.
  • They often forget their promises.
  • They refuse to admit their mistake.
  • They refuse to reduce their gaming time.

Should You Be Mad That Your Boyfriend Plays Video Games?

Should I Be Mad That My Boyfriend Plays Video Games

If your boyfriend plays video games and ignores you all the time? Or if he plays intermittently, if he plays all the time, so there is nothing wrong with you asking him to get some attention. But keep that in mind that you do that before or after he plays. 

Never interrupt the person playing the game because it will make the situation worse. Unless you are dying. Never ask while playing.

Tips To Stop Your Boyfriend Ignores You While Playing Video Games:

Play A Game Together:

play these video games together

Getting ignored by your boyfriend while playing video games, also doesn’t spend time with you. So, I think you may enter your interest to play these video games together. Sounds weird, but it works. 

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What will happen when both partners play together?

  • You will be able to get a chance to spend time with each other.
  • He will give more attention to you. Instead of ignoring.

In some relationships, both partners play video games together to spend more time with each other and empower the relationship strength. However, it is usually formed naturally.  

Avoid The Term “Addiction”:

Excessive Video Games

Maybe, It could also be the reason that you are saying the term “Addiction” over and over again when he’s playing the game. Which is why he is ignoring you?

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This word is better for you but it turns out to be bad for him. Therefore, it can also ruin your relationship soon. Instead of using the term “Addiction”, you can use the term “Excessive Video Games”.

It Will Not Go Away While Ignoring:

video game addiction is significantly affecting the quality of your relationship

If your boyfriend’s video game addiction is significantly affecting the quality of your relationship. Video game addicts often avoid talking about their concerns because they are afraid that it will make the situation even worse. 

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True, this can lead to a temporary increase in the overall level of tension in your relationship. However, the purpose of discussing relationship issues can be anything. They have to deal with whatever can happen before they get out of control.

Let your boyfriend know that:

  • You love him.
  • You care about him.
  • You’re worried about his video game habits.
  • You miss spending time with him.
  • You believe that this is affecting your relationship.
  • Spending so much time with video games makes you feel neglected.

Do Not Need To Compete With A Video Game For Attention:

Do Not Need To Compete With A Video Game For Attention

It’s unreasonable to ask your boyfriend to spend more time with you than with computer games! 

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Sometimes, couples get so comfortable with each other that they stop wasting energy and time on the relationship. They mistakenly think that the other person will always be there, no matter what.

When someone stops trying, and their partner doesn’t feel important or special, the time has come to end the relationship. 

No one wants to be ignored in a relationship, you can’t handle this and stop competing with video games for attention from your boyfriend.

He Might Be Dealing With Depression:

Some people play these video games to avoid stress, anxiety, depression

It is foolish to think that he’s ignoring you while playing video games. Some people play these video games to avoid stress, anxiety, depression which further becomes an addiction that is very hard to control.

Maybe, he’s going through painful feelings which he’s controlled by playing video games. You have to talk about his feelings so that the problems can be solved as soon as possible. 

Give Suggestions:

I'm not saying you should quit video games

Unfortunately, he is giving time to the game instead of you. I think you have to advise him about your feelings which are passing over you.

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“I care about you and our relationship a lot. Sometimes, I feel lonely and getting ignored when you give too much time to video games, I know you like to play video games and I’m not saying you to quit video games but I worried about our relationship affected, we could agree to spend an hour or two in a day together. What do you think?”

Meet With Couple Therapy:

If your partner isn’t discussing or compromising about gaming habits

If your partner isn’t discussing or compromising about gaming habits, so you need to meet with a couple’s therapist.

Avoid that statement “We need a couple’s therapist to fix it” when suggested. Also, never advise him in any trouble or anger. Instead, wait until you feel close to your partner.

Comment on a good day when you’re with him and how nice it would be if it happened every time.

wish you could read his mind
Introduce a couple’s therapist as “feel close to each other to be strong as a couple”, That’s the point, pay attention to the positive effects that come with it rather than trying to save your relationship.

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Often, deciding to try therapy is the biggest obstacle to overcome, if applicable to your boyfriend, “Great if it’s helpful”, and “if not we don’t have to go back.”

If he denies all these options and you can be sure that even after doing all this, your relationship is hurting, you need to take it seriously whether you put time or energy into it.

Talk to your friends about your situation and seek their advice. You can also book an appointment for yourself with a therapist.

Hang Out With Friends:

Hang Out With Friends

If he still doesn’t think about and ignores you while playing games. You shouldn’t wait any longer. No more further questioning or a minute to spend your time with him. Do to him as he has done to you. 

Go out with your friends. Keep busy living your life and don’t become a slave to anyone. Don’t call him, he will call you. Don’t present yourself so much on his call and his beck. 

he says i love you but does it really mean it

If he calls you, tell him I’m busy but you will want to see him later or some other day. He has his interest, you should have your interests. 

In the end, he will either take the time and will try to improve your relationship, or otherwise, he will not do anything. He should take his time, not much time, but precious time to your relationship. 

But your purpose is to make a living. What happens when you both spend time with each other? Try to fix things and see what’s wrong? Then, you will end your annoyance when you do this, instead of living.

People who are trying to keep their relationship maintain to avoid the pitcher and not end the relationship. So, just don’t do it and live your whole life. If you mean it will happen.


Talk to him about it and how it makes you feel

Talk to him about it and how it makes you feel. Communication is the key to success. Maybe it’s worth going to the same page with him where you are both in terms of the relationship. 

conversation topics for dates

Some people need more attention and some don’t and that’s fine but you always have to keep up. It’s too bad not to pay attention at all, but there are times when you are both busy, or there are times when you both don’t even have time to talk.

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Looks like he likes video games and I’m addicted to it but I also love my girlfriend. We talked about it and it helped a lot. I will give time to both (games and her) from now on.

If he still doesn’t accept. I think it is acceptable to consider moving forward. He will not invest that much in this relationship. He is not capable of maintaining this relationship.


Lack of relationships is something we see a lot here. You are not alone.

The relationships you want are not unreasonable where you can have a good time with your partner. You need to think about what is important to you in any relationship, if your boyfriend can’t or won’t give it to you, get ready to leave.

After considering what your limits are when his whole attention is on you then talk to him. Talk about your needs and feelings. At least you know you did your best, then see what he respond to you. He can be very defensive.

If your boyfriend is addicted, it is very difficult to get him out of the games. Some people play the game because they are going through pain and stress, and then it becomes an addiction that is very difficult to overcome. Although they want to leave, it is very difficult and the relationship is ignored.

Whatever the reason, this situation is unlikely to improve on its own if you do not find a way.

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