Boyfriend Ignoring You After Fight

Boyfriend Ignoring You After Fight | What To Do?

You are very disappointed that you love your boyfriend and since you both had a great argument. So, if you know about “Why Does Your Boyfriend Ignoring You After Fight.” Even if you have tried everything. It has to focus on you again but to no avail. Now you are worried, that he no longer wants you and the relationship is well ended. There is nothing to be afraid of. You can treat this condition and don’t want to worry about that.

What is he thinking when he ignores you? or loses interest or angry at something, or maybe thinking of another woman. You won’t be surprised if he hates you. You should apologize for such incidents. Explain yourself or try to fix it without looking disappointed, needy, or “wrong” then, he will talk to you again. You can stop feeling very anxious, guilty, and horrible about his silence. 

And drive yourself crazy. 

Do You Care What He Thinks Of You?

Do You Care What He Thinks Of You

Do you care that he is ignoring you? It means he didn’t really like you. After all of you and now your life is over? Or, he is ignoring you because he likes you, and he doesn’t know what to make of his new feelings for you?

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Anything you say is offensive to him. Although if not, and even if he feels bad. Isn’t it just as insensitive and ignorant to ignore you? 

Does it matter if you are ignored? You must correct what you have done wrong? So that he will pay attention to you again.

Do you want to know if it is “worthwhile” to be in a relationship with him?

If we go down, the real reason we want to know “What does he think when he is ignoring you?”, So we can finally get his attention back. We sometimes use human attention and want someone to make us feel good about ourselves.

Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Ignores You After Fight?

1. There Is A Lot Of Pressure On Him, And He Is Ashamed To Tell Anyone:

There Is A Lot Of Pressure On Him, And He Is Ashamed To Tell Anyone

Man is not without drama.

He may be thinking: “I’m being evicted, I have exams in 24 hours, and I haven’t started yet. My mom just found out she has cancer. I can’t find a job, and I feel like a loser.” 

When there is a big stress in someone’s life, the first instinct to do is to run or hide, and the last thing anyone wants to do is socialize or chat with girls.

wish you could read his mind

On the needs rating, which is the best, you will find that basic human needs are prioritized. 

The most basic of needs is at the bottom. These are physical needs related to survival, such as breathing, eating, and sleeping. 

The next level is safety or security. You’ll notice that relationships are on the next rung of the ladder. In other words, a man needs to feel secure before worrying about having a woman in his life. 

A Man May Be Stressed Because:

  • Sudden job loss. 
  • Losing a close family member. 
  • Failing his exams or getting a job. 
  • A community needs to be evicted or kicked. 
  • Her current relationship is not ending.
  • You can argue, “but when I spoke to him last week, he seemed happy that there was nothing wrong.” 

Here’s something to keep in mind, some people will show you what they want to show you. It would be great if everyone’s true thoughts could be written on their faces. But man, can you imagine? I think the world will look more like a boring version than “Walking Dead’s” Most people either put pressure on something in the future or are unhappy with their current situation.

As much as you want, people to be honest with you. Let’s be real. We are not even 100% honest.

Sometimes having a happy face and making someone else smile is the only good part of the day!

2. You Did Something He Didn’t Like:

You Did Something He Didn't Like

Did you do something offensive? Have you talked about things he doesn’t want to talk about you? You’ve done him an injustice? Here are some of the examples I gave. If so, think about it. Why is he ignoring you after the fight; maybe you can solve this problem?

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3. He Is Cheating: 

He Is Cheating

Just because your boyfriend is ignoring you, there is no need to go crazy and conclude automatically that he is unfaithful before you decide. You need to evaluate several different suspicious behaviors. 

But if he’s been ignoring you for a long time, and he’s hanging out with other girls, or having color rallies then, you may want to consider this possibility. Again, this doesn’t have to be completely psychological, but you should think about taking some steps to find out.

74% of men are more attracted in this one thing

Do you have to consider how much time has passed since the dispute? If this happened a few days ago, take a deep breath and calm down. Men and women deal with emotionally charged situations very differently. You want to talk because your purpose is smooth. It’s too late before it’s all over, and it will take some time to process.

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Men will often isolate themselves emotionally from their girlfriend after the fight. It is temporary but, when you ignore a woman, it feels endless. He was as hurt as you were during the argument. He doesn’t want to talk to you right now because It will take some time for it to cool down so he doesn’t do or say anything that will cause more conflict between the two of you.

The best advice, you do follow that if he has a fight with you, and now he is out of sight to give you some time. Try your best to focus on something else for the next few days. If you stop trying to force him to talk, you will benefit from it.

Your silence will work for you. He will see that you respect him and that it is needed for a while and they will be grateful for it. If you haven’t heard from him in a week. He will see that you are also emotionally better. He will be ready to talk to you “pay close attention here.”

Things To Do When Your Boyfriend Ignoring You After Fight:

What to do when your boyfriend is ignoring you after the fight?

1. Stop Criticisms And Apologize If Necessary:

Stop Criticisms And Apologize If Necessary

When do you feel you are the cause of the fight Apologies? Let him know how much you regret it? Explain, how do you feel after doing this? He may be flattered and understand your feelings. In the end, he will see your situation and forgive you. Ask someone you trust because if he tells her you’re creeping up on him right now then, he will feel upset. But some guys are glad you still care, although there is still an ego war between the two of you.

2. Encouraged By Romantic Words:

Encouraged By Romantic Words

When you are interrupted by emotions like an argument. First and foremost, make sure you handle the argument And the next step is to do. Have a sweet accent while talking with him?

Sometimes arguing leaves a mark of negativity. Our emotions are a little stunned.

  • Go back and have some dates.  
  • Bought gifts for each other And present humbly.
  • Celebrate each other’s feelings. 

3. Do What He Likes:

Do What He Likes

Do what makes him happy which will help you both forget the fight. Cook good food for him, give him a nice gift. Help him to realize that you are trying to improve your relationship.

Appreciate and show him that you don’t care and appreciate what I do for you after the fight, such praise will melt him.

4. Talk To Him Honestly, Transparently:

Talk To Him Honestly, Transparently

When you fix your protector and your need, you will be amazed at how much love you can bring to a relationship. But if you get caught up in trying to save yourself, and avoid admitting your mistake. Don’t be surprised if he is not attracted to you.

5. Explain The Importance Of You In His Life:

Feel free to express your love

If he ignores you after a fight. Don’t let your ego get in the way and choose to reach it daily. Feel free to express your love. 

Improving your post-fight relationship is one of the top priorities. In the end, he will realize that he has been ignoring you. You are the most important person in his life then, he will try to resolve the issue.

6. Communicate With Him:

Communicate With Him

If you have communication problems. There may be situations, when one goes wrong, they blame each other, which leads to misunderstandings. In the end, the conversation may end, and you may feel like he is ignoring you because he doesn’t talk and he keeps quiet because he believes silence is the solution. 

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Getting fine-tuning communication can be a daunting task. It takes time and commitment from both but it is also one of the pillars on which healthy relationships are maintained. 

conversation topics for dates

To avoid misunderstandings, speak honestly, be clear, and don’t be afraid to ask others until you understand what they are feeling. Trust that you want to help.

7. Accept The Risk:

he feels insecure about the relationship

Maybe he feels insecure about the relationship. Looks like you’ll leave him anytime soon, and it feels like he doesn’t love you. ignoring you can be a way to react to this insecurity because he feared you would leave him, he went to protect himself. 

One way to find out is to explain how it is, How much you enjoy living with it. Show love to him then, take the initiative to talk about his feelings.

8. Enable Yourself From The Beginning: 

Enable Yourself From The Beginning

This is the most crucial point. What happens to your boyfriend? You should have the priority to understand, your behavior hurts but you can’t express it. 

You have the right to express your wishes and concerns but with respect.


Love, attraction, for a healthy relationship. Communication and similar life goals but also a partnership, consideration, and partner support, if the relationship is not balanced and one of you feels that you give more than the other, the relationship will not work.

9. He Is Tired Of Fighting The Same Thing Over And Over Again:

He Is Tired Of Fighting The Same Thing Over And Over Again

He is tired of fighting the same thing over and over again. As you say, there is no point in fighting, if so. He will ignore you even after a fight that means he wants you to realize by yourself that he does not like this kind of behavior. Give him some recommendations on what he wants. Do not throw your decision on your boyfriend, and don’t get upset whenever he makes a wrong decision.

10. Understand What He Is Going Through:

He may be spending the day at work

Have you ever had a bad day? How do you feel after that day? Emotional and physical fatigue. He may be spending the day at work where his owner only screams at him because of a minor mistake. That’s why he became sensitive and began to argue, the one who ignores you after a fight with you. The solution is to give him some time to calm down and find the right line between caring for him.

11. Try To Rekindle The Love With Dates And Outings:

Let him know you want to go on a date with you

Let him know you want to go on a date with you, make sure that your plan is prepared before. So he will decide to go. Dress well to get his attention. It is impossible to steal his attention when a beautiful girl comes around him.

Choose a comfortable place to talk about the problems between the two of you, if the date goes well. Let him know that the relationship can be reconnected. If he still doesn’t matter, let him know that you are going to break up because he doesn’t appreciate all the work you did for him


It’s not a good idea to be detached from a relationship. There is no gain in trying to ignore each other. To prevent this problem from progressing to where it started. You need to read the above steps carefully, and not just reading but action on it.

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